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Some crucial advice for NTW participants

To get the max out of your NTW efforts, you should plan your participation way ahead. Here are some advice and tips on what is important to consider.

What to do before NTW

1. Product Manual – be concrete and selling:

Consider what you write in the Product Manual upon registering. The manual is your most important sales tool, which the buyers will study thoroughly before deciding whom they want to meet with. You can change the information until January 31, via a website you will receive after the registration.

What are the buyers looking for?

  • Does this product fit my customers? (Target group)
  • What is unique with your product? (USP – unique selling points)
  • What makes your product unique compared with other similar products/competitors?

2. Know your own customers

Who do you want to sell your products to and to which target groups(s)?

  • Do you work with the leisure segment, or towards seminars and incentives?
  • Do your product(s) focus on more active travellers or are their more culturally inclined?
  • Are you primarily interested in the European market or are you also interested in overseas and new markets?

3. Make use of the buyers’ information and Market Manual.

Study the buyers’ information thoroughly and consider how your product fits in with the various profiles. If you know which markets are the most important for you, select your buyers based on this.

4. Make a list

Make an overview of all the buyers you would like to meet with during NTW. Select the ones that are the most important and submit your appointment requests. Write an e-mail to everybody you would like to meet with and sell in your product in a concise manner and request an appointment. If the buyer has not submitted her/his appointment requests, chances are that she/he will pre-book a meeting with you or book an appointment with you during the workshop.

5. Study the appointments form thoroughly

You might have received an appointment with an operator you have not requested. Study the profile to see how your product might fit the operator’s customers. Take contact in advance to clarify his needs in order to prepare yourself well in advance.

Do you have free capacity and have not received all the appointments you have requested? You can ask for new meetings with the buyer of interest via the website you will get access to. Give a good reason to why they should meet with you and be very selling in your request.

What you should do during NTW

Be prepared for intensive days!

  1. Be social: Use all social events to create informal meetings with potential customers.
  2. Use the resources available to you: Representatives from Innovation Norway’s markets are there to assist you. If you want to get in touch with a tour operator from a specific market you can ask our representatives to assist you.  
  3. Us the appointment time effectively: You have 15 minutes at disposal to sell your product. Spend it wisely! Be sure to meet with the buyers’ expectations and be prepared to answer questions.