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NTW in brief (In a Nutshell)

Below you will find more information about the meeting points during NTW, important concepts and the social activities during the event.

Important NTW concepts

Market Manual: A manual with short description of all registered buyers. The manual is made available digitally for all registered buyers before appointments can be made.  

Product Manual: A manual including an overview and description of all registered suppliers. The manual will be available digitally for all buyers before appointments can be made.  

Appointment forms: Each individual participant’s meetings during NTW. The form gives an overview of each individual’s pre-booked appointments and/or possible free capacity during the workshop.

Suppliers: Companies selling/promoting Norwegian travel products, ranging from hotels, , activity suppliers, destinations, transportation companies, etc.

Buyers: Companies buying Norwegian travel products – such as tour operators and incoming operators.


  • Duration: 1 ½ day.
  • The suppliers sit at their stands and welcome buyers for meetings.
  • The meetings are primarily pre-booked.
  • Meetings can be booked during the workshop.
  • Each appointment lasts for 15 minutes and participants can make a total of aprox 30 appointments.
  • Suppliers must be available at the stand during the whole workshop.

Pre-booked appointments

  • Based on the information supplied by the buyers, each supplier can send in requests for which buyers they want to meet with during NTW.
  • Based on information given by the suppliers, each buyer can submit requests for which companies they want to meet with.
  • Based on this we will consider all submitted requests, and appointments will be set up between buyers and suppliers.
  • All individual appointment forms will be sent out to each participant. This happens approx. 3 to 4 weeks before NTW. We highly recommend being well prepared for the pre-booked appointments.
  • After receiving all pre-booked appointments, it is up to each individual participant to update their appointment form, either by removing or make new appointments online, if so wanted. Information on the deadline for making new appointments will be available in due time.
  • All participants will receive their final appointments in the attendee folder upon arrival for NTW on Monday, April 1, or Tuesday, April 2. This is the final form that has to be used during the event.

Social programs during NTW

  1. Registration – All registered participants at NTW are automatically registered for the social program. These are included in the price.
  2. Supplier seminar – Event for registered suppliers. Suppliers will receive information about markets, new tour operators, trends, etc.
  3. Buyers’ cocktail – Event for all registered buyers. The buyers will receive updates on NTW, new suppliers, etc.
  4. Opening ceremony– Event for all registered participants (buyers/suppliers). Official opening and welcome both from Innovation Norway and the host city.
  5. Dine-around – Event for all registered participants (buyers/suppliers). Dinner at centrally located restaurants in Trondheim. The participants must register online in advance.
  6. Banquet dinner – For all registered participants (buyers/suppliers)
  7. After party – For all participants (buyers/suppliers). After the dine-around. OBS! Drinks are not included.
  8. Activities– For all registered participants (buyers/suppliers). The activities will highlight the host city’s products. Information on these activities will be sent out in advance. Registration will be online.
  9. Farewell party – For all registered participants (buyers/suppliers).