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Why should I participate at NTW?

If you already work with tour operators or incoming operators or wish to sell and promote your product(s) to this segment – NTW can be a very important meeting place for your company.

NTW is an excellent arena for reaching tour operators/incoming operators from various markets - in a short time and at your home turf. You will connect with and create relationships with the most important and serious partners, both in Norway and in more than 30 other countries. This will save you a lot of travelling: we will  bring the customer to you in Norway.

Make your product available on the Norwegian travel map!

All buyers participating at the workshop are looking for new products. NTW is absolutely their most important buying arena and is being used for planning of new tour production. Show and sell your products to the operators and use this unique opportunity to become part of their product portfolio. NTW is also an excellent opportunity to receive direct feedback on how your product fits into the various markets.

Follow-up is important

Did you know you can get around 30 appointments with potential customers? Consider carefully what is required regarding follow-up and your capacity. To get maximum results from your participation it is crucial with thorough follow-up. Set aside time for this after NTW – and you are guaranteed results!