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Module 02: What are Norway’s regions like?

On the map

The map below is for your reference only – the module material starts below.
Use the map to get an idea of the location of Norway's five main regions: Eastern Norway, Fjord Norway, Northern Norway, Southern Norway, and Trøndelag.

Wrap-up with Isabel

Test your knowledge

Finished the module? Check your knowledge by taking the test below.

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Which Norwegian region should you suggest if a client wants to see the capital Oslo, go hiking in the Jotunheimen mountains or go skiing in Trysil?
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Fjord Norway has a lot of fjords, of course. But what else is there in Fjord Norway? Select all the alternatives you think are correct.
* Required
If a client wants to see the midnight sun and polar bears, which destination should you recommend?
* Required
A client wants to experience Arctic wilderness combined with a comfortable stay and a city experience. Which region would you recommend?
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