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Norway has made it a top priority to preserve the country's wild, unspoiled nature. We are working hard towards a more sustainable society, and this includes the MICE sector. You will find a strong focus on green incentives and hotels, eco-friendly local food, and electric transport.


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Green venues and hotels

Most Norwegian hotels and event venues encourage recycling and make an effort to restrict energy usage, water consumption, waste generation. A few examples of common energy-saving devices are automatic light switches, low-flush toilets, washbasins with sensors, eco-labelled cleaning products, and energy-efficient dishwashers and washing machines.

How do you find eco-certified hotels with conference facilities? It’s easy with our search function – simply click on "Filter your search" and select "Green Travel – Eco-certified providers".

Nature-based incentive activities

You may have noticed that Norwegians love spending time outdoors. The principles of the so-called "Right to Roam" are enshrined in law, as access to nature is considered a human right. As long as you follow a few simple rules, you are free to enjoy the countryside and national parks as much as you like.

Many tour operators and DMCs in Norway offer activities that are both safe and environmentally friendly – not to mention that you get to have tons of fun and experience jaw-dropping nature.

Introduce your team to dog-sledding, kayaking, or whale watching, rent electric bikes, or explore the magnificent fjords in a hybrid or electric boat. In the Geirangerfjord area, you can even enjoy an electric RIB boat adventure.

Find fun incentive activities

Local food

Locally produced food is not just tastier and more authentic, it is also better for the planet. Norway has come a long way as a food nation with an ever-increasing focus on sustainable options. More and more Norwegian restaurants take an interest in our culinary roots, and the majority offer a mix of scrummy vegetarian dishes and locally sourced meat and fish.

Eco-friendly travel options

Most international event delegates come to Norway by plane. A travel trend for a more sustainable future will no doubt be to make fewer trips but to stay a bit longer. Consider combining a conference or other event with a holiday!

For those who want to avoid flying, there are good train and bus connections from many European cities via Copenhagen in Denmark to Oslo. It is also easy to go by train or bus from Gothenburg and Stockholm in Sweden. If you prefer boats, several ferry providers from Denmark, Sweden, and Germany have upgraded to more environmentally-friendly fuel.

Getting around: A green adventure

A great thing about Norway is that travelling from A to B is an adventure in itself. Getting around by train, bus, and boats are not just better for the environment, you also get spectacular sightseeing included for free.

Renowned trains
Norwegian train lines are renowned all over the world. Several newspapers and magazines place the Bergen Line, which goes between Oslo and Bergen, at the top of their list of train journeys. The Flåmsbana railway is an engineering masterpiece that has been praised repeatedly by the Lonely Planet. The Rauma Railway is known as one of the most beautiful in the country.

Scenic routes
Thanks to the 18 Norwegian Scenic Routes, it is a delight to travel around by car or bus. The Scenic Routes are roads where viewpoints, rest areas and car parks have been transformed by art, design and architecture. The idea is to make driving more enjoyable and to give travellers something amazing to see and do on the way. You’ll find the 18 routes all over the country. Two of the most well-known are the Atlantic Road and Geirangerfjord-Trollstigen in Fjord Norway. These roads are perfect for car launches and press events in the automotive industry.

Eco-friendly cruises
Many local cruise ships are also working on more sustainable solutions. The most well-known is the coastal steamer Hurtigruten, which stops daily at 34 ports from Bergen to Kirkenes. They even have conference facilities, making it easy to combine business with amazing views any time of year.

Other examples of sustainable cruises are Havila Kystruten and Future of the Fjords. Starting in 2021, Havila Kystruten will offer cruises between Bergen and Kirkens on ships that run purely on battery and LNG (liquified natural gas) engines. Future of the Fjords’ vessels run on batteries only and service the stretch Gudvangen–Flåm in the Nærøyfjord.

Read more about how to get to and around Norway.

It's all about being green

Norway is making a name for itself as one of the leading countries in terms of sustainability. They’re becoming a source of inspiration for other nations and the media love to put the Norwegian approach towards sustainability in the spotlight. This article in Boardroom magazine is a great example (PDF).

Search for green meeting venues

To find sustainable products, click on "Filter your search" below and select "Green Travel – Eco-certified providers".

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