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If you think that Norway is off the radar, think again! Thanks to excellent transportation options, it is easy for international event organisers to plan a Norwegian meeting or conference.

Flight connections

Thanks to regular flight connections and modern airports, Norway’s biggest cities are closer than you may think. All main European cities fly to Oslo Airport in the capital, and the express train Flytoget takes you to central Oslo in less than 20 minutes. In fact, all our city airports are within 20 minutes of the city centre with public transport.

Norway has a good interconnecting domestic flight network. From Oslo there are frequent flights to the Fjord Norway region (Bergen, Stavanger, and Ålesund), to the historic centre of Trondheim, to the arctic capital of Tromsø, and to the southern holiday paradise of Kristiansand.

The green way to Norway

From some European cities, you can reach Oslo by train, bus, or boat (many of which have upgraded to more environmentally-friendly fuel). Norwegian cities are small and easy to navigate on foot. Wherever you go, you have fabulous nature within easy reach. So yes, you can absolutely start the day with a meeting in a modern hotel, try a fun outdoor activity with knock-out views in the afternoon, and return to the city for a delicious dinner in the evening.

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Getting around

As any map will tell you, Norway has a very particular shape. Measuring a total 1,752 kilometres from south to north, it is the longest country in Europe. Does that make it difficult to get around? Nope! Norway’s peculiar geography has rather resulted in an effective infrastructure with modern trains and comfortable express buses as well as frequent domestic flights.

By train
Norway has several internationally celebrated train lines that turn your journey into a mind-blowing adventure. An added plus is that you get sightseeing included in the trip at no extra cost. Most trains have free Wi-Fi.

By road
A cheaper but equally comfortable option is to get around by express bus. Thanks to an extensive bus network, you can explore every corner of the country.

If you stay on the roads, whether by bus or in a rented car, you can experience some of the 18 Norwegian Scenic Routes. To make driving more enjoyable, these roads have been transformed with cool art installations, design, and architecture. You'll find electric buses and cars everywhere in Norway, including plenty of e-cars to rent.

By boat
The cruise company Hurtigruten has been around since 1893 and is closely connected to the local communities along the coast. Stopping at 34 ports along the way from Bergen to Kirkenes, it is a wonderful way to get to know Norway’s incredible coastal landscape – and they offer conference facilities too!

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