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Trade fairs in Norway

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Every year, Norway hosts trade fairs that attract thousands of industry professionals from all over the world. These events offer companies the opportunity to showcase innovative solutions, discuss hot topics in the industry, and strengthen their network. Here you can read about Norway's extensive experience with the organisation of trade fairs.

Trade events for Norway’s key industries

Norway has grown into a leading destination for trade events. All large cities haveconvention centres that are suitable for industry trade shows where businesses can showcase, display, demonstrate and discuss their latest products and services. We're especially at the forefront in our key sectors energy, oil and gas; aquaculture and seafoodocean and maritime; and sustainable development.

The main recurring events for professionals in theenergy, oil, and gas industries are ONS in Stavanger and Offshore Technology Days (OTD), which alternates between Stavanger and Bergen. The aquaculture and seafood industries have their yearly highlight in Trondheim at Aqua Nor and Nor-Fishing, and in Bergen at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum. For professionals in the ocean and maritime industries, there is Nor-Shipping, a large event that takes place every two years in Oslo (Lillestrøm). In Tromsø, finally, Arctic Frontiers is a yearly congress/exhibition focusing on responsible and sustainable development of the Arctic region. These events give thousands of industry professionals from all over the world the opportunity to get in touch with each other.

Engaging activities

To offer attendees and exhibitors a great experience and engage them during the event, most trade fairs organise different activities.

Attendees can get to know the companies at their stand or through mini-conferences, presentations and interactive seminars. Another common format that sparks interesting conversations is a panel discussion on a certain industry topic. These discussions boost debates and offer great learnings for everyone involved.

Aqua Nor and OTD also organise a special day for students. The students get free access to the event and can take an active part in the exhibition. They can explore the stands, get inspired by industry professionals, learn which steps to take to pursue a career in the industry, and maybe even find an interesting job opportunity!

Not only business, also entertainment

Most trade fairs offer informal meetings and activities for participants to have fun together. Nor Shipping hosts the Nor Shipping BBQ, a big garden party where hundreds of participants enjoy fine food and drinks in a relaxed social setting. OTD organises their “Octoberfest”, a big social gathering with great food and entertainment to bring companies and clients closer together.

These festive parts often include entertainment such as an award ceremony to put the spotlight on great achievements in the industry. A few examples at ONS are the Best Stand Award, Best Young Professional Company award, or the Petroleum Safety Award. At the Aqua Nor trade fair, the Nor-Fishing Foundation hands out awards for best stand, innovation, and environmentally safe innovations. These awards are an additional incentive for exhibiting companies to provide their best possible work.

Most social events take place close to the city centre and you can reach them either on foot or by sustainable transportation.

Get on the right track to organise your trade fair

Are you thinking about organising a trade fair in Norway? Get in touch with us and we’ll put you on the right track!

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