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Safety and COVID-19 in Norway

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Norway has put many precautions in place to safeguard against COVID-19. Together with low crime- and corruption rates, it is one of the safest countries in the world. Just be sure to plan any outdoor adventures carefully and be prepared for shifting weather conditions.

Business meetings and COVID-19

Due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s important that event organisers are aware of any rules regarding social distance and the number of participants allowed. Please note that these rules can change at short notice.

Rules and restrictions for events

The number of guests that are allowed at an event depends on the type of event. In all cases, it must be possible to keep a distance of one metre between all attendees. The latest information related to events and gatherings is available at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's website.

Guidelines for hotels and accommodation establishments

The Norwegian Hospitality Association (NHO Reiseliv) has developed guidelines for hotels and venues in conjunction with guidelines from the Norwegian government and health authorities. Visit NHO Reiseliv's website to download specific information about infection control measures for the following segments:

  • Safe service of food and beverages
  • Safe accommodation
  • Safe adventures
  • Camping

Measurements put in place by hotel chains

Many of the hotel chains have implemented safety measures for meetings and conferences. See what measures Thon Hotels has put in place, for example.

Norway is a safe country

Norway is a safe destination with a low crime rate, also in the main cities. Whilst it is always a good idea to stay alert and keep an eye on your belongings, visitors have generally little to worry about.

Like the other Scandinavian countries, Norway is known as a country based on trust. People tend to have a high degree of trust not just in each other but also in the government and other public institutions. Norway is also a politically stable country where social unrest is rare.

Life is good here – global surveys consistently rank Norway among the countries offering the best quality of life in the world!

Prepare for outdoor adventures

Perhaps your visit to Norway will include some fun activities in wild nature? That's a great idea – with a few basic safety precautions, everyone in the group will have an amazing time! It is good to be aware that the weather can change quickly and without warning, so be sure to pack accordingly. Pick activities that suit everyone's experience and ambition, or split the group if some people are keen to try a more advanced option. The best way to ensure a safe and fun adventure is to use a local activity company.

More reasons to choose Norway

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