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Targeted Partner Event- Sweden 2024



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This is an activity that aims to find new business partners and generate sales collaborations for the future. We tailor the arrangement based on your needs and select which Swedish TOs we will talk to and meet with (3-6 Swedish Tos). If relevant, we can include participation at Travel News Market or/and SE B2B Event – Culture. 
We have delivered this in previous years before the pandemic with good results. We have done it with partners such as incoming, regions and Norwegian tour operators.

Who is this activity for

This activity fits the providers who:

Are new to the market
Already have some network & market knowledge

Type of company: 

Company networks ("bedriftsnettverk"), destination companies, incoming operators regional & national
Especially of interest are providers who can showcase/sell local, unique and authentic products that can be packaged with experiences for groups of 8-30 people. 

Who are the buyers

Tour operators

Based on the partner's needs, we tailor an activity with the aim of finding new sales collaborations with relevant TOs in the market. We can find TOs with in different niches and segments.
- Groups; 8-30 persons
- A few TOs handles individuals to Norway. Self-guided tours.

Technical information

Price: will be according to the demand of the partner and the scope of the event/activity. 

2 targeted events can be delivered for 2024. 

Register your interest via email latest 15th of January to Sandra Olsson.


Sandra Olsson

Seniorrådgiver - B2B Sverige
+ 46 (0)70 623 0925

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