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Mini-Roadshow - “Sternstunden” | Germany



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Mini-Roadshow - Training for travel agents “Sternstunden”


After Nordic Workshop in Hamburg (13.9.22):
14.9.22 Hannover
15.9.22 Kassel

In October:
04.10.22 München
05.10.22 Passau
06.10. 22 Nürnberg

This roadshow is now fully-booked.


  • This activity will help up educate the local travel trade in the direction of our strategy.  

  • This activity will help generate sales and help Norwegian tourism industry fast back on track after 2 years of pandemic 

  • This activity will help Norwegian tourism industry to be able to develop the right products for our international guests,  by keeping up with the market situations 


During this event we will be working sustainably, with a plastic/paper-free policy, reuse of dishes, glasses, no plastic bottles/packaging, reuse of name badges and a location easily accessible by public transport.
We plan this event so that you can combine it with the Nordic Workshop in Hamburg in September or book three "Sternstunden" events in a row in October.

Participants – suppliers

  • Activity companies 
  • Attractions
  • Carriers
  • Destinations
  • Hotel
  • Other accommodation

In these training sessions for travel agents (approx. 40-60 per evening), you will have the possibility to present and explain your product/region. This format is particularly suitable for regions / carriers / hotel chains with a wide range that appeals to German customers. It is desirable that the 15-minute presentation is held in German if possible.

Participants – buyers

  • Travel agencies
  • Independent agents

To this event we will invite travel agents interested in getting a better knowledge of Norway. Besides us there will be a few other companies (like tour operators selling Norway, ferry companies, insurance companies) be holding a small presentation and be present at the small travel fair that will be held before the presentations and dinner.


  • Roadshow
  • Seminar

This mini-roadshow gives us the perfect possibility to present Norway to selected, interested sellers – besides giving relevant information for them for their work, it is a unique possibility to get in touch with the people sitting at the counter and ask them for trends, challenges, and the interests of their customers.
The event will start with a little travel fair where you will have a table/stand and can talk to the participating travel agents directly before the dinner and the presentations. You will have 15 minutes of presentation time. During dinner, you will also be mingling with the travel agents.


Price:  €700 per city

Includes:  15 minutes presentation time and table at a mini travel fair, meals during event

Does not include:  Travel costs

Participants:  1 per city

Registration deadline: 30.3.2022
Please send a mail to Ulrike Katrin Peters to register for this activity.
This activity is now fully-booked.