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International Ski Competence & Workshop day Digital 2024



The previous digital ski-workshop was in January 2021, with more than 50 buyers from Europe participating. The aim is to develop Norway further as a winter destination where skiing is a possibility for all. 
Cross country, alpine and ski-touring are part of the products we would like to showcase towards our buyers. 

Program (tentative)
Day 1: - Competence day
1 hour webinar for the suppliers with trends and market insights
1 hour webinar for the buyers on trends and the potential for developing the skiing related activities in their portefolios
1 hour with chat rooms for all participants, with different themes where participants can meet and talk about common topics of interest.  For example chat room on Alpine skiing, chat room on Cross country skiing and chat room on Ski touring. A moderator will be present in each room. 

Day 2: Workshop day
Online workshop during the day with pre-booked one to one meetings, 

Famtrips Winter 2025
The regional destination companies and established networking companies will be able to apply to organise a famtrip showcasing the skiing products of their region. Registered buyers at the workshop will be given priority to participate on these famtrips. We will come with more information regarding this after registration deadline. 

Who is this activity for

Activity companies, destination companies, accommodations, incoming operators regional, incoming operators national
We would like suppliers offering skiing products, such as alpine & cross-country skiing and ski-touring. The skiing experience should be possible to combine with other winter activities in the destination, for example snow-shoeing, sledging and dog-sledging. Suppliers should be able to highlight the uniqueness of skiing-adventure in their destination compared to other well-known European destinations.

Who are the buyers

Tour operators, incoming operators, OTA's

We will target:
Buyers already selling into the adventure segment and who would like to develop their offer in winter with skiing as an element of the tour.
Buyers already selling skiing holidays in general
Buyers selling soft adventure activities in winter and would like to add skiing as a "soft adventure" in their winter packages

Technical information

Price: NOK 3200.- eks mva per company/per person. NOK 500.- for an extra person from the same company with their own meeting calendar. 
Minimum nbr of companies: 15
Maximum nbr of companies: 30

Participation in the digital competence day
Participation in the B2B workshop day
Access to Market Manual 

Does not include: 
Internet and necessary IT equipement to connect to the platform

Costs: hosts cover all land arrangements, accommodation, meals, activities and transport costs.
IN covers flights for buyers, 1 welcome dinner at the destination, and transport costs within the destination.


Registration for the workshop & competence webinar is now closed. 
Deadline was the 14th of March.
Please contact Siri Tallaksen for any questions.



Siri Tallaksen

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