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Hiking & Biking Workshop 2024


Voss, Norway


You have now the opportunity to meet tour operators from our priority markets specialized in the Hiking & Biking segment.

There will be a professional seminar and lecture followed by an all-day workshop with effective sales meetings.

We invite you to a workshop where we want to gather around 25 Norwegian providers of hiking and cycling tourism products. These will meet around 25-35 foreign tour operators from our priority markets who have specialized in this form of holiday. The workshop will be held at Voss.

Pre-& posttours

All destination companies or/and network organizations (bedriftsnettverk) can now also apply for offering a pre- or post-tour showcasing hiking & biking products.

Please read here the criteria for the applications (in Norwegian only).
We will select the pre- & post-tours latest by 11th of March.
Deadline to apply: 29th of February.
Application to be sent by email to Ola Røneid:

Tentativ program

Monday 9th of September
Individual arrivals buyers & suppliers
Arrival buyers from Pre-tours
20:00    Dinner at Scandic Voss

Tuesday 10th of September

Individual arrivals suppliers

08:00-13:00       Morning activities for buyers & suppliers
13:30-14:15       Lunch for all participants at Scandic Voss
14:30-17:30       Seminar for buyers & suppliers at Scandic Voss

19:00                  Departure to Hangurstoppen with Voss Gondol
                           Dinner at Hangurstoppen Restaurant

Wednesday 11th of September

09:00-12:00       Workshop with prebooked meetings at Scandic Voss
12:00-12:45       Lunch
12:45-15:00       Workshop with prebooked meetings at Scandic Voss

Individual departures buyers & suppliers
Departure buyers for post-tours

Please note that this program is susceptible to change.

Who is this activity for? 

This activity fits all suppliers offering Norwegian tourism products within the hiking & biking segment.

Type of companies:
Activity companies, attractions, destination companies, regional destination companies, hotels, incoming operators regional & national.

Who are the buyers?

Tour operators and Incoming tour operators.

With this activity we aim to reach tour operators & incoming operators specialized in selling and packaging hiking & biking holidays.  

Technical information

Price: NOK 9.500.- ex. mva per company per person
Price for extra person from same company (same appointment schedule): NOK 3.500.- ex. mva
Minimum number of companies: 15
Maximum number of companies: 25

Dates: 9th-11th of September 2024.


Meals as specified in the program
Market Manual with information from buyer companies registered
Program as described above 10th and 11th of September

Does not include:
Travel costs 
Overnight stay in Voss:
We have an allotment at Scandic Voss hotel.
Single room NOK 1390.-
More information regarding booking will come after confirmed registration.


In order to ensure that we offer a variety of different type of suppliers within the biking & hiking segment, from all over Norway, we will first take a registration of interest.

Registration: registration of interest is now closed, deadline was set to 14th of March. 
We still have some places remaining and the final deadline is set to 21st of May.
Please contact Siri Tallaksen for more information and registration.


Siri Tallaksen
B2B Coordinator Leisure