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Gastronaut Norge | Sweden



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Gastronaut Norge – workshop to introduce “Food tourism” (måltidsturism) in Norway

DATES: 18 October


  • This activity will help us reach out to the relevant tour operators we wish to work with in the long term.
  • This activity will help up educate the local travel trade in the direction of our strategy.
  • This activity will help generate sales and help the Norwegian tourism industry get back on track quickly after 2 years of the pandemic
  • This activity will help the Norwegian tourism industry develop the right products for our international guests, by keeping up with the market situation
  • This activity will help the Norwegian tourism industry to adapt its products to our strategy and get an understanding of how to implement changes in a B2B perspective.


The activity is part of our strategy to introduce “Måltidsturism” (culinary tourism) in Norway. How can we implement this important segment to our market and make sure it becomes a selling point, rather than just an inspiration point. The seminar held within this workshop will be led by Eva Jilkén, an expert in this field. 

Participants – suppliers

  • Activity companies 
  • Attraction
  • Carrier
  • Destination
  • Hotel
  • Other accommodation
  • Incoming operator – regional
  • Incoming operator – national

For this event, which combines leisure and group segments, “Måltidsturism” goes hand in hand with what the market is looking for. How can Norway stand out and reach this market? All suppliers that are looking for a way to reach more segments by including food for foodies and for first time travellers to Norway should participate.

Participants – buyers

  • Tour operators
  • Travel agencies
  • Independent agents

We invite travel trade decision makers, product managers, destination managers, and salespersons with a special interest that have Norway in their portfolio and would like to upscale to take part. As well as tour operators that have expressed a desire to include Norway.


  • Workshop
  • Event
  • Seminar

This is an event consisting of a seminar and a workshop. Norwegian chefs and destinations will be invited to demonstrate and serve food. We hope to be able to include some activities for buyers within the theme. Mrs Eva Jilkén will hold a seminar on the subject of “Måltidsturism” and how we can find and identify this segment.


Price: SEK 5000, excl. VAT

Includes: participation for 2 persons, workshop and seminar

Does not include: transport to Stockholm, accommodation

Participants: 15

Gastronaut Norge 2022

Gastronaut Norge 2022 Terms & Conditions