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A Taste of Norway | Denmark



Hotel Skt Petri, Krystalgade 22 1172 København, Denmark

Contact Ingunn Sakshaug



Registration is open. Please register here.

Registration deadline 25th of June


  • This activity will help us reach out to the relevant tour operators we wish to work with in the long term.
  • This activity will help up educate the local travel trade in the direction of our strategy.
  • This activity will help generate sales and help the Norwegian tourism industry get back on track quickly after 2 years of the pandemic
  • This activity will help the Norwegian tourism industry develop the right products for our international guests, by keeping up with the market situation
  • This activity will help the Norwegian tourism industry to adapt its products to our strategy and get an understanding of how to implement changes in a B2B perspective.


  • Workshop arranged in combination with the Kvalitetsrejser fair in CPH to avoid 2 separate trips.
  • No printed materials
  • Choosing a venue and a hotel which are eco-certified

Participants – suppliers

  • Activity companies 
  • Attractions
  • Carriers
  • Destinations
  • Hotels
  • Other accommodation

Small scale companies.
Something beyond the ordinary, unique experiences.
New activities, from soft to intermediate activities, adventure.
Culture experiences.
Focus on individual travellers: families, couples, small groups.

Participants – buyers

  • Tour operators
  • Travel agencies
  • Independent agents

Tour operators – both group and FIT operators. Niche operators.


  • Workshop

A workshop is the best, most effective meeting place when there are a large amount of suppliers and buyers who want to meet. In such a mature market, there is a need to meet and receive updates on new products, and find new opportunities together.
Based on feedback from last year, we will extend the meeting time to 20 minutes.
In addition to the meetings, we will also arrange an activity which involves gastronomy, culture or adventure. 
The workshop is also combined with the Kvalitetsrejser fair for those who would also like to attend it.