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What is required of me as a partner?

Handover – what do I have to bear in mind?

Once you have decided to run a retargeting campaign, Visit Norway's media agency will handle all the practicalities. You as a partner need to deliver all material that matches the specifications from the media agency: photos and videos as well as all text, and any requests for emojis, etc. This also means possible translations into local languages. 

The deadline for submission of materials is at least five working days. Late delivery will then lead to postponement of the promotion to five working days after the material is received. Similarly, replacement of materials during the campaign will also mean that it takes five days for the content to be published. It's important that you take ownership of your retargeting campaign and monitor results and engagement being created at any given time. There are two reasons for this:  

  • You can take advantage of the sales opportunities created along the way
  • You can make the right choices while the campaign is in progress

Perhaps it's necessary to change the message, or should you use a different ad format? Should we allocate the entire budget to one market because that's where the best results are emerging?

Questions like this may arise during the campaign period. It is therefore important that you keep a close eye on your retargeting activities, so that you can provide a quick answer or challenge the media agency to optimise the activity with the tools at their disposal.

UTM tails and tracking

UTM tails are something we recommend all partners to make use of. This is what makes it possible for you to distinguish where the various clicks or traffic to your own page comes from. As its name suggests, a UTM tail is a small tail at the back of your URL. See examples below:

Common URL:

URL with UTM tail:

You can easily make UTM tails yourself. For example, they can be created using Google:

We recommend including the source, campaign medium, and name. Think about what's important to you when analysing results.

We order click trackers from our own Ad ops and tracking department. It is therefore important to deliver materials within the deadline, as these tracking points take 1-3 business days to get back after ordering. 

Simple guide to share Pixel

Go into your own Business Manager. Click on "Business settings". Then go to "Data sources" and click on "Pixels". Select the appropriate Pixel from the menu and press "Assign partners". Copy in Mediacom's Business Manager ID.

*NOTE: In order to comply with GDPR regulations, it is important that partners have up-to-date information under "Privacy and cookies". We recommend stating this in the privacy policy on your own landing page. You may, for example, use the following text:
"We share data with our partners. This data can be used for targeted advertising on different platforms (list the relevant platforms)."
If you have already written Facebook as one of your platforms, we recommend changing Facebook to Meta.

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