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Retargeting – we spark the interest, you secure the sale

Retargeting, or remarketing, allows you to show relevant ads to people who have already visited your website and are familiar with you. The correct and smart use of retargeting will result in far more profitable and accurate ads.

Visit Norway has a number of marketing activities that create increased awareness of Norway as a destination. You can take advantage of this by advertising to anyone who has already shown interest in you.

Visit Norway has many digital activities in prioritised international markets over the course of a year. Through a strong digital presence, we help our partners communicate to a receptive audience and desired target groups in a retargeting phase.

Our digital activities are designed to engage and reach audiences in different target groups. This provides us with valuable data in the form of traces left by those who have engaged with organic and paid material. This applies to both those who have visited Visit Norway's website and those who have interacted with our content on platforms where data can be collected.

The audience will aggregate into different audiences depending on which content from the ad a recipient has shown interest in. It is this data that we may make available so that our partners can initiate targeted retargeting campaigns.

The campaigns target relevant content to people who we know have shown interest in specific topics, Norwegian attractions, destinations, or activities.

Why should I opt for retargeting?

When you talk to digital users who are already interested in your content, you get a far greater effect from your marketing. We know exactly who has shown interest in Norway as a destination, and what they are passionate about. We can help you reach these people.

Target groups – who do I want to reach?

All the data we gather is collected in 19 different Always On data segments, which we have categorised into five different focus areas: 

  • Adventure tourism
  • Activity tourism
  • Food tourism
  • Culture tourism
  • City breaks

You are free to choose one or more of these for your retargeting activities. Read more about the different focus areas here.

Retargeting korrekt diagram engelsk

Within each of the five focus areas, there are 19 specific Always On data segments with which you can work. Talk to your specialist to look at opportunities to add one or more of these to your retargeting activities.

How does retargeting work in practice?

Diagram retargeting show, tell, sell

In retargeting campaigns, you use your own brand and materials. The message that you as a partner use can be both promotional and purely sales-triggering. You'll get help to get the most out of your investment based on what you want to tell, who you want to reach, and how big of a budget you have.

Depending on which areas and target groups you want to use, we will make a recommended investment for a period of four weeks, before we clarify the length of the activity and any market or markets. We will also provide input on the use of language in advertising.

Clear goal of the activity

It is important that you have a clear goal for your activity and that your landing page reflects this. When the target group arrives at your landing page/universe, it is your task to process them further based on the goal of your activity.

The minimum investment is NOK 50,000 per campaign in the "sell" phase. Of this investment, 80 per cent goes to media purchases and ad-serving and 20 per cent goes to fees to the media agency and to data capture. This offer initially only applies to social media retargeting.

Note: Only retargeting data from Visit Norway can form the basis for participation. The inclusion of your own data or the purchase of other audience data (prospecting) is not possible in a standard retargeting campaign.

Read more about retargeting


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