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Module 14: Why should I visit Norway’s cities in winter?

Norway’s top winter cities

So which cities can you recommend to your clients in winter? Seven safe bets for quality culture close to nature are Oslo, Lillehammer, Tromsø, Bergen, Ålesund, Trondheim, Bodø.

Test your knowledge

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A new museum in Oslo dedicates 13 floors to the life and times of Norway’s most famous artist. Who is it?
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A client is spending a week in Oslo in March, hoping to try cross-country skiing in the surrounding forest area. Unfortunately, there is not enough snow this particular week. What advice would you give him?
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One of Norway’s most famous winter cities was the host for the winter Olympic Games in 1994. Today it’s also known for its bustling city centre with lots of art and museums. Which city are we talking about?
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