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Module 06: Can I travel to Norway with children?

On the map

The map below is for your reference only – the module material starts below.
Check out where to find some of the most popular places for kids in Norway.

Family-friendly holidays

From practical information to inspiring ideas and tour suggestions – find out what your clients can do with the whole family in Norway.

Wrap-up with Isabel

Test your knowledge

Finished the module? Check your knowledge by taking the test below.

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One of your clients is interested in a skiing holiday with her kids, who are 5 and 7 years old. The 5-year-old has never tried skiing. What advantages would you emphasise when you suggest Norway as a destination? Select all the alternatives you think are correct.
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Norway is often described as a favourable country for travelling with children. Why? Select all the alternatives you think are correct.
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Children at Bragdøya island