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Team building activities in Norway 

Find sustainable activities to strengthen the bonds within your team

1. The Fjord Cleanup

The Fjord Cleanup project lets your team bond while doing something great for the planet. The group is a non-profit environmental organisation whose goal is to support the restoration and protection of the Inner Oslo Fjord. The group organises weekly, voluntary cleanup events. Volunteers can choose from using a stand-up paddleboard, kayak or diving equipment to help in the cleanup effort. The Fjord CleanUp removed five tonnes of plastic from the Oslo Fjord in 2020. 

2. Lillehammer 

Lillehammer, Norway was the host of the 1994 Winter Olympic Games. It has since been certified as a sustainable tourism destination. Why not fuel the fire of friendly competition amongst your own team? You can experience what it's like to light the Olympic flame, and host your own version of the games for your team. If you’re really feeling adventurous, try out the bob and luge track. 

3. Holmenkollen Ski Jump

If your team is looking for even more of an adrenaline rush, try ziplining at Norway’s most famous ski jump. Holmenkollen Ski Jump offers lots of group activities. Give your team the experience of 361 metres of pure adrenaline, all while taking in an amazing view of Oslo.  

4. Dog sledding  

Take your team to the arctic town of Tromsø, where they can lead a pack of sled dogs on a half day-long adventure and earn the title ‘musher’. Breathe in the fresh winter air and experience the thrill of being pulled by a team of happy huskies, doing what they were born to do. Dog sledding requires you to be in good physical shape , but no prior experience is required. 

5. Sauna in the Oslo fjord 

The sauna and ice bathing scene is exploding in the Oslo fjord. Whether built by recycled material or run with electric motors or solar panels, your team can experience the energising effects of going from hot  to cold and back again. Along the coastline you’ll find a wide variety of sauna and bathing opportunities. Become a real Viking and take the plunge! 

6. Camp Panorama 

Camp Panorama in Bergen offers a wide variety of team building activities. You can take your team on a rib boat cruise and see the fjord from a different angle. How about a NERF battle? The battle takes place inside a room with obstacles and NERF weapons, boost your heart rate  with some fun and friendly competition. Or, you can try beer tasting. Learn about local brews while relaxing with your team.

7. Pulpit Rock

For you early risers, go for a hike near Stavanger and watch the sunrise from the famous Pulpit Rock. The trip starts in the wee hours of dawn and involves a two to three-hour hike up the mountain. Share an unforgettable experience with your team as you take in the stunning scenes from the fjords and mountains as the sun rises. A packed lunch is included for you to enjoy. Take photographs and memories to bring home and give your team a fresh perspective on life. 

8. Cozy Campfire 

Enjoy nature and simply head outside and light a campfire. Thanks to Norway’s ‘Right to Roam’, people are allowed to hike and camp pretty much anywhere, so long as they follow a few basic rules. For example, clean up after yourself and make sure you put your campfire out when you are finished. Many Norwegians say there is nothing better than taking in the cool night air while being warmed by a campfire.

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