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Tasty culinary experiences at your next event

Find a delicious local restaurant and treat your team when your event is complete. To ensure your team can dine at one of these fabulous restaurants, it is best to book a table. The restaurants can cater to all groups.

1. Festningen Restaurant

Dine in a building from 1836, which was originally a prison. Festningen or The Fortress Restaurant in Oslo is one of a kind. Your team will experience stunning views of the Oslo Fjord, Aker Brygge and the area around Oslo’s City Hall. Festningen is a rustic brasserie in a charming and historic setting. In the summer, there is outdoor seating available.

2. Food Courts 

Food Courts are a hip new trend in Oslo. Offer your team a chance to order from several restaurants at one time. The scene is vibrant and energetic. Salt, Vippa, Barcode Street Food, Oslo Street Food and Mathallen are all options. Many offer both indoor and outdoor seating.

3. Cornelius Seafood Restaurant 

For a dining experience your team will never forget, take a quick boat trip from Bergen city center to the Cornelius Seafood Restaurant. The culinary journey begins when you step onto  the boat in Bergen’s city centre. The restaurant is known as one of Scandinavia's most prestigious seafood restaurants. The menu is inspired by the weather and ingredients caught in the local fjords. You will find a unique menu every day offering an exciting gastronomic experience of locally-sourced food. 

4. Bryggeloftet og Stuene 

Enjoy a meal in one of the most historic restaurants on UNESCO listed Bryggen in Bergen. Bryggeloftet og Stuene is a family-owned restaurant dating back to 1910. The restaurant’s mission is to prepare fresh, local ingredients in a traditional Norwegian style. One of their most famous dishes is their classic fish soup. During the summer months, you can enjoy your soup while sitting in the sun and taking in the view of the fjord.

5. Credo Restaurant  

Trondheim is quickly becoming known for its farm to fork style restaurants. Credo is a great example of that. Many of its ingredients are grown on site, both outside and even inside the restaurant. Nearly all the ingredients used at the restaurant are from the Trøndelag region. Seafood is sourced from surrounding waters and dairy products from local farms. Credo will give you a super fresh and new dining experience. 


At RE-NAA in Stavanger you will experience innovative dishes inspired by Norwegian nature. The restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars. The menu changes daily based on the best available ingredients. It consists of approximately 25 servings. The chef focuses on raw materials from the sea, the fjord and the forest. You can also choose a drink menu that is carefully chosen to add extra dimension to the food. It truly is a magical culinary experience.

7. Fiskekompaniet 

It doesn’t get much closer to the sea than dining at Fiskekompaniet in Tromsø. Located on the harbour, the restaurant offers healthy food harvested right from the ocean. The menu is inspired by the forces of nature in the Arctic and changes often to reflect the freshest ingredients the sea offers.

8. The epicentre of cider  

Norway is getting attention for its cider production, and many locations offer cider tasting and tours of the farms. Hardangerfjord is known as the epicentre of cider. There are now more than 50 fruit farmers who are members of the cider guide of Hardanger. Every May, tens of thousands of apple trees begin to bloom  in Norway. The cider farmers use  innovative processes and are now winning international awards for their efforts. In 2019, Norway took home two gold and six silver medals from  the CiderWorld Awards.

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