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Sports events in Norway

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Sports in Norway evoke images of athletes in colourful ski suits, sliding through lush scenery on cross-country skis, flashing by on a steep mountain, or flying down a ski jumping platform. What you may not know is that many other sports have also discovered Norway as a destination for international events. Find out why nearly every type of sport can feel at home in Norway!

Big sports events are finding their way to Norway

In the mid-nineties, Norway showed that it has what it takes to organise a massive sport event on a global scale. The Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994 impressed the world with advanced infrastructure and organisational knowhow for the world’s greatest celebration of winter sports.

Norway has always been a popular destination for winter sports, but in the past few decades other international sport organisations have found their way here as well. A few good examples are the 2017 World Championship Road Cycling in Bergen, the 2019 World Orienteering Championship in Østfold and the upcoming World Wrestling Championships in Oslo in October 2021.

Leading the way in sustainability and infrastructure

In Norway, we have a solid infrastructure that makes it easy to organise world-class events. Our great road and transportation network offers easy access to sport venues across the country. The athletes and their teams can also enjoy the best possible training facilities, without having to worry about anything else.

In everything we do, we put a strong emphasis on sustainability. Businesses actively take action to reduce the negative impact of their activities on the environment. Many catering, accommodation, transportation, and other companies have been eco-certified for their efforts. The Arctic Race of Norway is a good example of Norway as a driver for more sustainable sports events.

Support and financing for sport event management in Norway

Are you thinking about organising a sports event in Norway? We can advise you on which destination to pick for your event and put you in touch with the relevant sports federations or government instances in Norway. In addition, we can support you by performing an economic impact analysis for your event and look forfinancial support. We are also happy to help with advice on sustainability.

Contact us and we will put you on the right track. If you already have a destination in mind, you can contact the local offices directly. With their local network and experience, you will be in good hands.

Reasons to choose Norway