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How to be part of our social media presence

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We are blessed with many people who want to share their pictures and videos from Norway with us. And we love it! So if you want to be a part of our social media platforms – make sure you use our hashtags and handles every time you post content from Norway.

Check out our terms and conditions for more info on how we handle submissions to our social media channels.

Visit Norway on Instagram

Use the hashtags #VisitNorway or #MyNorwayStories in your caption and tag @visitnorway in your posts. For more info, see our Instagram FAQ.

Visit Norway on Facebook

Post any of your great images or videos directly on our Facebook wall.

Visit Norway on Twitter

Include @VisitNorway and the hashtags #visitnorway and #MyNorwayStories to any tweet you want us to see.

What we are looking for

We are looking for stories from Norway. Stories that can showcase Norway from new, different, exciting, quirky angles. We always want to share the most inspiring, engaging, spectacular, funny, thumb-stopping content with our fans. And because social media are called social for a reason, we want content that you would likely be sharing with your friends – so not too commercial or pushy.

What else can help

Please try to include as much information about your photo, destination, and experience as possible. The more information we have, the easier it is to us to tell good stories from Norway. Information about when and where the picture was taken and what you think makes this picture special is golden.

Some of the themes we like to see

  • interesting places, off the beaten track, and a new angle on the already well-known spots like our fjords, mountains, and historical buildings
  • Norwegian nature and wildlife
  • historical and cultural discoveries in Norway
  • Norwegian adventure
  • people and everyday life in Norway
  • Norwegian food

If you want to use drones

All such flight activity must always be performed with concern and respect for the surrounding people, birds, other animals, private properties, public spaces and tourist spots like viewing points. Please check with your destination for local, deviating regulations and military or other special restricted areas where all the aforementioned activities are forbidden by law. Read more about use of drones on Civil Aviation Authority Norway’s website.

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