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Frequently asked questions about Instagram

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Who manages @visitnorway on Instagram?
The account is managed by the social media team at Visit Norway, but the real work is done by our friends and followers who share their moments, videos, stories, and pictures with us every day.

Do trolls really exist?
What do you think? Of course, they do! But they are really shy and get turned to stone by the sun. This is why we have so many mountains of very peculiar shapes in Norway – they all used to be trolls.

How do I share my pictures?
Just add #visitnorway or #MyNorwayStories to your post and the team will consider featuring your image or video. You can also tag them with @visitnorway. Get more info on how to get featured on our social media accounts.

If I submit my image to Visit Norway, will it be used somewhere else apart from the @visitnorway Instagram profile?
It might. As we want as many people as possible to see our inspirational content, we will feature some images in our Facebook universe or on our Twitter account. If we want to use your image or photo elsewhere, we will contact you beforehand. We will always credit the photographer or videographer in our posts.

How do you select the photos and videos you feature?
Photos and videos are selected based on Visit Norway’s brand messages.

Do I have to be a professional photographer to be featured?
No, not at all. We feature photos from ordinary people who have an extraordinary eye for a great moment, from professional photographers and passionate amateur photographers, from people living in Norway and excited travellers and guests. We do however check your profile to see what our followers will get if they go there.

What would increase my chances of being featured on your account?
If you promise to bring all your friends and your whole family to Norway on your next holiday … No, just kidding (although we would like to see them all here).

We love getting pictures from your great adventures, everyday life, and big and small discoveries in Norway. And we think that all parts and corners, villages, fjords and mountain tops, cities and graffiti, museums and churches, waffles and coffee cups are fabulous. At the moment we have a strong focus on stories from Norway that feature the following stars:

  • Modern and urban Norway
  • People and everyday life in Norway
  • Food from Norway and your culinary encounters with Norwegian food
  • History, culture, and traditions
  • Norwegian wildlife
  • And of course Norwegian nature, especially hidden gems, lesser-known places, and new angles that no one have used before.

I think my selfie will inspire the world to visit Norway. Will you use it?
This is a tricky one. A selfie-selfie is not our main focus, no matter how cute we think you are. We would like to feature content that tells our followers great stories from Norway. We are looking for good (self-)portraits from Norway accompanied by strong stories. Creative selfies like you under the Northern Lights or at a surfing session might get a feature. And reindeer, troll, and sheep selfies are of course very welcome.

How long did it take to write this FAQ?
A long time, please read them.

How can I contact you, @visitnorway?
If you’d like to submit your images, please use our hashtags #visitnorway or #MyNorwayStories. We also check our DM regularly, so you might drop us a line there.

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