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Our PR desk at Visit Norway receives a high volume of interesting inquiries and pitches for support of projects and press trips to Norway.

We really appreciate all the interest for Norway!

If we agree to collaborate, Visit Norway normally supports with travel costs and then work with our partners to find local sponsors. Please note that we have limited resources and budgets so can not cover large groups, TV or film productions or other large-scale projects.

Who we work with

With focus on sustainability and lowering the carbon footprint of our travelers, we mainly work with press in near markets, meaning Scandinavia and Europe. Other far-away markets are considered on a case-by-case basis. We work with traditional press, from newspapers to magazines, some radio and TV, in addition to writers and others. 

Social media: We have a separate SoMe desk and so ask that influencers and creative pitches for social media contact the SoMe team directly. Please note that they do not actively purchase influencer content and prefer to take initiative when and if they want to collaborate.

In terms of web inquiries: We have a dedicated editorial team that produces all the content at, and therefore, we do not accept guest posts, articles, or blog posts from external contributors.

How we work

We prefer to be contacted by e-mail and we ask you to be as clear as possible in terms of your pitch. Send your pitch to: If we decide to support your idea then we will start the planning and connect with local partners and destinations. Our focus is to make sure that we promote the right content for the right region, and tell great stories from Norway.

We cover mostly individual press trips and some group trips per year.

We need to be contacted well in advance, minimum 1 month before departure. How much we can sponsor depends on the story, timing and which partners are on board. Visit Norway normally covers travel and transportation costs. We do not sponsor family members or others traveling along on your press trip unless they have an editorial angle in your story.

It is important to emphasize that we do not have the resources to organize and/or book your tickets, or tend to practical details such as lost luggage, delayed flights, etc. You will need to book your own trip to/from Norway and then we will re-imburse your expenses. Re-imbursements will normally be paid within a week. Other costs may be covered if agreed upon in advance. Please save receipts and make sure to follow our instructions.

We stress the importance of having travel insurance and being an independent and experienced traveler.

What we expect

We and our partners put a lot of work and resources into each press trip. We would all appreciate a mention and will gladly provide info for a fact box to your story. We also would love a link to read your story when published.

We work with hundreds of international journalists every year and cherish great collaborations. We love to stay in touch and many times, invite press back for new stories. So once you work with us, you are a part of our Visit Norway-family.

Welcome to Norway!

In order to consider your pitch, you need to meet our criteria. Please confirm that:

You represent a media outlet in one of our primary target markets, Europe and Scandinavia. Other countries will be considered on a case-by-case basis).

No short-term inquiries please. You need to contact us at least one month prior to your trip, have done the research and present a strong idea and/or plan for your visit.

You must have one or more commissions agreed upon before you travel to Norway.

The content will be published within a reasonable timeframe after your visit, preferably within 3- 6 months after your visit.

All sponsors, including Visit Norway, must be mentioned in some form.

You will cover one or more of these preferred topics: food, adventure, art and architecture, city breaks and activities. Other topics and events can also be discussed.

You write for a newspaper, magazine, or other media outlet, print or online. Radio and TV can also be considered.

If you answer yes to all of our criteria, please fill out this press form and we will consider your pitch.

Press form

Planning your press trip with us

Visit Norway will discuss the content of your trip and connect you to local partners who can help with the local planning. Once we have agreed on a press trip, you will have to book your own trip to and from Norway and we will re-imburse you for this expense. Remember to always have travel insurance and necessary documentation in order.

After your visit to Norway, we would like you to:

Credit Visit Norway with a link to as well as all sponsors who contributed to your trip.
Please send us a link to your articles(s) as soon as it is published. We really look forward to reading your story!

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