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Photo and video bank

Media bank

Do you need photos, films and videos from Norway? Innovation Norway/Visit Norway has a large number of images and videos available in our media bank.

Visit Norway or our partners in the travel industry own the rights to the images and videos provided, and they can be used for free in articles that help create interest in Norway as a travel destination. When using the pictures and videos, you must read the terms and conditions carefully, credit the photographer and mention

Read the full terms and conditions for the use of Innovation Norway’s photo and film bank.

Download images from Norway

Films from Visit Norway

Visit Norway also has a number of films to choose from in our film bank, on YouTube, on Vimeo, and on

All films can be downloaded and used for free in a low-resolution format. Film clips in higher resolution can be downloaded and used in their original form to market and create interest in Norway as a travel destination. The licence does not apply to TV or cinema advertising.

Stock video from Visit Norway

Do you need video footage for editing? Visit Norway is also in the process of building a stock video bank with footage that can be edited and used to promote Norway as an attractive destination. Videos tagged with «stock video» can be edited, graded and altered as you please. Use the search frase "stock video" to find the material.

The producer and must be displayed in the credits or be visible in the film material.

How to use the media bank

Search hacks

You can search in the image and film bank without registering. Search by keyword, category, region, season, photographer, format, or season.

Hot tips for getting the best results in our media bank: 

1. Search in English

2. Use a series of single keywords + enter for searching, not search frases, for better results.

For example, if you want images of Oslo in winter, type "Oslo" (and press enter) and then add "Winter" (and press enter), not "Winter in Oslo" or "Oslo" AND "winter". 

How to register and log in

If you want to order the material, you need to register a user and log in. Add the material to your shopping cart and then make your final choice and choose the image size. Before you download, you have to answer some questions about what the pictures are intended for.

If you have used the archive before, you can log in with your email address and your password. Click on the login button at the top right of the image archive page. You can download the images and videos as soon as you register and accept the terms of use.

The images are available in different resolutions for print and web. As long as your project is in accordance with the guidelines, you can use the material for free.

Specific requests, permits and more

Our press contact can help with specific requests, or if you don’t find any picture or videos that suits you. Local tourist destinations also have additional pictures to choose. 

The press team can also help with special arrangements for TV teams and photographers. Please ask our press team for more information.

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