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Work with Visit Norway’s Stories Team

For more information about retargeting and performance marketing, please, contact:

Sandra Olsson

Key Account Manager Visit Norway

M. + 46 (0)70 623 0925

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For more information about brand bank, video stories and themed photo collections, please contact:

Elisabeth Ones

Special Advisor Visit Norway Italia

+39 348 305 6978

Why stories from Norway?

We believe it is all about a good story.

A good story inspires, captures people’s imagination, stops them from scrolling and encourages them to choose Norway.

We have created a number of stories from Norway, and you can use them for free!

What kind of Stories do you have?

Our stories are based on travellers’ inner motivations for choosing a holiday destination.

We have stories that showcase Norway as the perfect place to spend quality time with friends and family and as the best place to boost a relationship.

We have stories that inspire adrenaline seekers to go skiing, rafting or even bobsledding.

We have stories that speak to culture and architecture aficionados and stories about living under the midnight sun.

We have stories on why Norway is the perfect destination for a city break and even have a whole series about quirky Norwegian words and How To Norway.

All these video stories, photos and even GIFs are easy to download from our Brand bank.

Thousands of photos and videos from Norway that you can use for free! Visit our Brand bank

You can use our brand bank free of charge – just register with your e-mail address. Find the content you want by searching or choose from one of the themed collections we have curated for you.

Find our Brand bank here

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“The cooperation with Visit Norway was a very successful collaboration. The set-up of the campaign went very smoothly and also the communication with their team was very easy. The results were very good: a lot of traffic on our website through their ads (so very good for our branding) but also a lot of actual conversions (offers requested) which is something you do not always see in awareness campaigns.”

Alessandra De Praetere;

Head of Marketing Nordic Collection

We warm them up, you can reach them with your Norway message.

Join our digital retargeting activities!

All our campaigns have three phases: Show, Tell and SELL. We run the Show and Tell phases, creating awareness and interest for Norway and warming up the relevant audiences.

You can join the SELL phase with your Norway message and chosen products – an effective and cost-efficient way of generating bookings!

If your company operates in several places in Norway and covers more than one destination, you are eligible to become a Performance Marketing partner and can share your marketing message on the relevant pages of our website