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Norway’s Position as a Holiday Destination

Every week, Innovation Norway measures the interest for Norway as a holiday destination, in seven select countries, including Norway. The aim is to better understand the target groups in order to appeal to them better and improve Norway’s position as a holiday destination.

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Margrethe Helgebostad

Head of Analytics Visit Norway

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What does the brand tracker measure?

Weekly, Innovation Norway tracks the interest for Norway as a holiday destination in Sweden, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Germany and The Netherlands. We also track how Norwegians perceive holidays in their own country. Norway has a well established position when it comes to nature-based tourism, but do we successfully fill nature with valuable associations? Do target groups associate a Norwegian holiday with city-experiences, interesting culture and history, quality food and drink and welcoming locals?

Nature is secondary

Many of those that visit us today come to Norway to experience culture and nature. They look after one or two cultural activities, often in combination with activities in nature. The wish to experience culture is secondary. 

 Different types of holidays - generally and in Norway

In the brand tracker we also look at the general interest for different ways of vacationing. How many are interested in a skiing holiday, hiking, fishing, or cultural and city experiences? How big is the interst for local culture and ways of living? Last but not least; how importnat is the environment when choosing a destination and forms of transportation, and is a holiday in Norway considered a sustainable alternative?


Merkevareundersøkelsen 2012 - 2019

Norways branding

Download the full report 

In this report you can read about and see the results of the weekly trackings of Norway as a holiday brand. These trackings have been executed in six different countries since 2012. 

Norway's attractiveness as a holiday destination

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This is an additional report from the main report "Norway's branding".  In this report we address Norway's attractiveness as a destination. The results are gathered from the brand surveys conducted by Innovation Norway in six countries since 2012. 

Posisjoneringsanalysen 2018

Norway's position as a holiday country 

Download the report

On the background of weekly brand surveys in the brand tracker of 2018 we have made this summary, the position study. The report shows the size of the target group in different markets, the development and interest when it comes to traveling to Norway and the view of Norway as a holiday destination. 

You can also read about Norway's Share of Voice (SoV). Many countries want the attention of the same audience. How do we reach them?