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B2B Activities 2020

Partner with Visit Norway

The award-winning website is Norway’s largest online portal for travel and tourism and the most important channel for marketing Norway as a holiday destination. Showcase your business or event on Visit Norway’s websites and other media channels.

Increase the visibility of your company

To get a listing page for your business on, please contact your local destination company to join them as a member.

The destination company will add your business to their database, which Visitnorway in turn use to harvest information. This will allow your business to be visible in searches, maps, and relevant editorial content on the Visitnorway website.

If you already have a listing registered in our system and need to update or change the information on the page, please contact the destination company your business is registered with. If you aren’t sure which destination company that is, check the source below the body text in your listing.

Festivals and events

Are you planning a concert, festival or event and would like to advertise it on Visitnorway? Please contact your local destination company so that they can register the information for you. That way, your event will visible in site searches and added to “What’s on” pages and event feeds throughout the site.

News tips

We are always looking for interesting tips aimed at tourists and local visitors. Especially activities and attractions that appeal to a larger audience or that offer something new and unique. These include new museums and adventure centres, one of a kind accommodation, innovative food concepts, sustainable innovations, celebrations and special events, and more.

Relevant tips can be distributed through Visit Norway’s social media channels and editorial content on Visitnorway, integrated into creative projects or included in press releases to news media, bloggers, and influencers.

Please send us a short, concise, and promotional text along with additional information and/or a link. Added photos or illustrations must be high resolution and include the appropriate credits in the file name. All rights for redistribution must be clarified with the copyright holder in advance. For big news, please ensure that you provide us with all relevant information well in advance.

Would you like to share some of your own photographs or films? If so, we would be happy to hear from you.

Please contact us at:

Performance marketing

Visit Norway offers performance marketing or affiliate marketing for companies that promote their services in a large part of the country – two regions minimum.

Your business must have an online booking system that makes it possible to track the traffic from with a tracking code (set up by TradeTracker), and to register all bookings that are made after clicks on your links at the Visitnorway website. Visit Norway charges a small fee for the transaction. This fee is transferred to Visit Norway once the customer has used the purchased product.

Registration is free and there are no fixed fees. The programme is commission-based, and you only pay for completed transactions. This means that no fees are charged if the customer cancels the product.

Our performance marketing partners receive increased visibility in our partner sections and in relevant editorial content on Visitnorway (several languages). Links that redirect customers to your booking page will be included. Your company will also be visible in our offer menu at the top of all pages on the site.

For more information on our results from 2019, please read our article on result-based marketing (Norwegian only).

For further information, please contact

Nina Mariann Øvergård

Konst. leder for forbrukermarkedsføring & project Manager

+47 906 60 390

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