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Ulrike Sommer

Manager MICE Germany

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The goal is to create a regular news flow from the Norwegian tourism industry towards the International B2B sector. 

If you have a message to communicate towards our B2B contacts, feel free to send over the information. 

We would like to gather information for the following service:


  • Monthly international newsletter in English to all countries except to Italy, Spain and Russia. 
  • Italy, Spain and Russia translate the newsletter into their respective languages.
  • The newsletter is usually sent out the last week of the month. 
  • Free of charge. 
  • How does it work? Send Ulrike Sommer the following information by email:
    • Your news in English
    • Pictures with copyright information 

Practical information

This is an offer addressed to all tourism companies based in Norway and is a service free of charge. Innovation Norway reserves itself the right:

  • To pick the relevant information sent and what is relevant to send out
  • To make minor language corrections to the text if needed.