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Kahoot quizzes

Siri Tallaksen

Project Coordinator B2B Leisure

+47 952 21 491

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Kari Anne Schwach

Manager Corporate

+47 970 80 813


To educate, raise awareness & interest in Norway as a destination towards the leisure & meetings industry, in an amuzing way.

Innovation Norway has made a Visitnorway platform on Kahoot, which allows us to make different Kahoot quizzes on different themes. 

These Kahoot quizzes will be adressed to our B2B contacts and posted on our B2B visitnorway website. 

Kahoot  - international, by IN 

IN will develop different quizzes throughout the year, that will be available on our B2B website. 

Kahoot  - local markets, by IN 

IN local markets will be able to develop different quizzes throughout the year, in their local language. They will also be made available on our B2B website as well as promoted in the different local B2B channels. 
It will be up to our local abroad offices contacts to choose the themes according to their markets. 

Kahoot - international, by IN in cooperation with Norwegian Regional Destination Company

All regional destination companies are offered the possibility to elaborate kahoot quizzes on our platform. 
Help to develop the quiz on our platform
Available on our B2B visitnorway website
Not included: 
Content of the questions & picture search 
Free of charge