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Join the hiking & biking workshop in Voss, 9th-11th of September 2024

Norway is an attractive destination for hiking and cycling. Active holidays that include activities like hiking in the mountains and countryside and cycling are constantly evolving and increasing in popularity. This is also a type of holiday that is offered throughout the Norway.

However, you may be unsure about which parts of Norway are best suited for hiking and cycling. You will receive tips on this during the workshop that will take place in Voss from 9th-11th of September 2024.

The workshop in brief

We invite you to take part in this workshop, where our aim is to bring together about 25 Norwegian hiking and cycling destinations and operators, and around 25 international  tour operators that are specialized in active holidays. The workshop will be held at Scandic Hotel Voss.

Pre- and posttours

We will organise pre-posttours in cooperation with destination companies in Norway, highlighting the different hiking and biking products Norway has to offer. These tours descriptions & highlights will be opened mid-April and all registered buyers will be able to make a selection of their prioritized tours. 
By mid-May we will communicate to the buyers the tour they have been allocated a place on. 

Who can register to a tour? If the company participates at the workshop in Voss, the company can send a representative from the same company to the pre/posttour. 

Activities 10th of September

Visit Voss has arrangered a number of morning activities for participants. These are free of charge, and they will be released in detail after registration date, for all registered participants. 
Here attached you can see ateaser of these activities. 

Hiking Biking Workshop Voss 2024

Voss, Erik Østlie

Welcome to Voss!

We are very happy to welcome you to our small town, Voss, for the Hike and Bike-workshop. To many we might be known as the extreme sport capital, and we are, but we also have a lot to offer to the less extreme guests. 

During the workshop we will give you a taste of what Voss has to offer. We have some amazing companies here that have offered to give you the Voss-experience, through our morning activities 10th of September. 

In Voss we are very focused on how our activity impacts nature, and that is why we are making this trip as green as possible for you. When you land at Bergen airport you can travel all the way to Scandic Hotel in Voss by only a few steps and with very zero emissions. For our activities you will be able to start from the town centre with no transportation needed, which makes it easy and leaves no impact on our beautiful nature. For food you will mostly get local produce and dishes with ingredients that are grown at the time of season.  

Welcome to Voss!

Visit Voss

Hiking & Biking workshop Voss 2024Karaldenuten, Lars Krovald Web

Preliminary program:

Monday 9thof September

Individual arrivals buyers & suppliers
Arrival buyers from Pretours
20:00    Dinner at Scandic Voss

Tuesday 10thof September

Individual arrivals suppliers

08:00-13:00       Morning activities for buyers & suppliers
13:30-14:15       Lunch for all participants at Scandic Voss
14:30-17:30       Seminar for buyers & suppliers at Scandic Voss

18:30                  Departure to Hangurstoppen with Voss Gondol
                           Dinner at Hangurstoppen Restaurant

Wednesday 11thof September

09:00-12:00       Workshop with prebooked meetings at Scandic Voss
12:00-12:45       Lunch
12:45-15:00       Workshop with prebooked meetings at Scandic Voss

Individual departures buyers & suppliers
Departure buyers for posttours

Technical information

Dates: 9th -11th of September 2024

Registration linkHiking and Biking Workshop Norway 2024 | Home (

Read the terms & conditions here.

Activity: Workshop in Voss, Norway 

Target group: Tour operators, incoming operators

Participation on the workshop and accommodation in Voss is free of charge. Transport costs to/from the destination are not included. 
Participation on a pre-/posttour is free of charge. Transport to the start of the pretour and/or home from the end of a posttour is not included.

Deadline: 21st of May 2024View the terms & conditions here


  • Accommodation in Voss, Norway, 9th-11th of September, at Scandic Hotel Voss. 
  • Dinner in Voss 9th of September.
  • Breakfast, activities, lunch, seminar, and dinner on 10th of September.
  • Breakfast, workshop, and lunch on 11th of September.
  • Description of your company in the Market Manual.
  • Access to the digital Product Manual that includes all all the Norwegian Suppliers participating in the workshop.
  • Access to the online booking system/workshop portal, both before, during, and after the workshop.

Not included: 

  • Transport costs to/from the destination are not included. 
  • Transport to the start of the pretour and/or home from the end of a posttour is not included.

Contact information

For more information, please contact your market representative as detailed below: 


Léa Pinsard

Specialist Frankrike

Send email

Denmark/The Netherlands/Belgium

Ingunn Sakshaug

Markeds- og bransjespesialist for Danmark, Nederland, Belgia, Asia og nye utviklingsmarkeder

+47 926 04 452


Marco Bertolini

Specialist Italia

United States/Canada

David DiGregorio

Specialist USA

All other markets

Luca Bocci

Manager MICE Southern Europe

(+ 34) 63 934 9637


Ulrike Katrin Peters

Specialist in Germany, Switzerland, Austria


Eugenia Fierros

Market specialist, Spain


Siri Tallaksen

Project Coordinator B2B Leisure

+47 952 21 491


Sandra Olsson

Key Account Manager Visit Norway

M. + 46 (0)70 623 0925

United Kingdom/Ireland

Catherine Foster

Markedsspesialist UK

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