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The Netherlands and Belgium: Meetings

International B2B activities

Both markets are hubs for large international corporations, and with that possibilities outside the local industries and corporates. The B2B field is developing, and we experience traditional leisure tour operators and independent agents developing incentive- and leadership programs. We believe this cross-over means big potential for Norwegian providers. 

•Norway is still a relatively unknown meetings and event destination, and therefore the logistics, basic know-how's and top attractions needs to be communicated. Outdoor activities are main triggers for incentive groups.   Direct flight connections and easy travel is important. In some industries sustainability is becoming crucial for choice of destination and program. 
•Norway is seen as forward leaning, digital and green, and together with an increased focus on sustainability in the markets we see an opportunity of positioning Norway as more than "just" beautiful – a position not yet taken by other destinations. Providers with focus on sustainability are especially wanted for the 2020 activities.

Our B2B Activities with partners

Due to budget reductions and new strategic guidelines, all market activities in the Netherlands will be discontinued. Visit Norway's head office in Oslo will be looking after some activities in the Netherlands and Belgium moving forward.