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USA: B2B partner activities 2021

David DiGregorio

Specialist USA

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Practical information

Price: NOK 1300.- excl. mva per company. Max 2 persons per company. 


Access to the meeting platform, ability to conduct one to one meetings 
Access to the Market Manual, which describes the buyers company profiles and contact information registered at the event
Description of company and contact information in the Product Manual, made available to all registered buyers

Does not include: 
Participant is responsible to have access to a computer, with audio and camera and a functioning internet connection

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US Workshop - digital

NEW date: 7th of December

We want to host a workshop in the US as we wish to offer suppliers and buyers pre-booked match made meetings to be as efficient as possible at this stage. We recognize that Norwegian suppliers may not be ready to travel to the US just yet so this virtual format fills that gap.

Registration is opened, register here:

Background and goal

We believe that October is the right time for a digital workshop for the North American (US & Canada) market. This will be the perfect time to reconnect with tour operators in a setting where they can again be confident in selling Norway and are eager for updates on the product. 

The goal for this activity is to offer a place to generate business between Norwegian suppliers and North American in a post COVID-19 environment.

Participants - suppliers

Activity companies
Other accommodation
Incoming operator – regional
Incoming operator – national

Type of products: hiking, biking, soft adventure, accommodation with character (always on suite toilet, never shared), food experiences, wellbeing, hidden gems, high-end. 
Suppliers need to have an English website and be able to demonstrate to tour operators how to effectively package their product for their clients.

Participants - buyers

Tour operator 
Travel agents
Independent agents

We will be inviting tour operators from across the US and Canada. This will include both those we have an established relationship with but also new operators interested in including Norway into their portfolios.