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US: our focus in the market 2019-2021

David DiGregorio

Specialist USA

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Identified segments in the market and how it affects our B2B work: 

Broadening my cultural horizon
Norway has traditionally excelled in the area of broadening cultural horizons.

Adventures in the world of beauty 
In recent years we have focused more on adventures in the world of natural beauty with the goal of making Norway Europe’s #1 adventure destination.

It requires the following:

•Communication of a new and ever developing product offering to the travel trade that have traditionally sold Norway to an older, less adventurous audience.

•A focus on a new pool of operators, one that focuses more in the adventure space, and has been previously unaware of Norway and its offerings.

•A focus on adventure and nature allows us to focus more on winter product offerings where in the past we have focused exclusively on summer (high season).

Type of products we will have focus on: 

All year: cultural experiences, high-end
Spring: Summer, Autumn: hiking, cycling
Summer, Winter: soft adventure

Our clients & type of travel 

Result or the tour operator mapping 2018: 
Number of TO relevant for Norway: 4660
Number of TO with potential for growth: 850

Type of travels: 
Individual leisure travel 
Group leisure travel 

Other type of clients we will focus on:
Independent agents
Travel agencies

Our goals 2019-2021

Product development

Expand the perceived offering in Norway to be “All of Norway, All Year Round”: highlight the products available in Norway not only during high-season, but the winter and shoulder season experiences that the travel trade needs to be aware of.

Expand the geographic spread of our offering so that travel trade isn’t only selling the fjord region, but the entire country.

Go after smaller, more niche tour operators that focus on key activities that Norway excels in (Hiking, cycling) and expand these operators into Norway for the first time.

Increase visibility towards sales agents / boost sales
We will continue to market the Norway Expert program and thus work with sales agents through this platform.