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UK: our B2B focus in the market 2029-2021

Sandra Martinsson

Specialist UK ( I foreldrepermisjon)

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Our focus in the market 2019-2021

Identified segments in the market and how it affects our B2B work: 

Adventures in the world of natural beauty
As this is the biggest segment, where we already have a strong position - we will aim to reinforce this position by reaching out to new tour operators. We will also focus on expanding portfolios of our existing tour operators by encouraging products in new seasons.

Broadening my cultural horizon 
To bring out the potential of this segment, we will work with our existing tour operator contacts to introduce new cultural experiences and packages but more importantly, we will aim to find new niche operators within the cultural segments. We believe that there is a lot of potential in expanding the seasons for this segment.

This segment does not need the help of a Tour Operator to the degree that the other segments do in the UK market.  For this reason we have given this segment lower priority, but we will continue to work with accommodation providers, such as Novasol for example.

The energy segment is important for the ski and hiking markets in the UK and there could also be potential here for other niche segments such as fishing which we will consider. 

By prioritising these segments we will work towards spreading tourism across Norway and throughout the year, thereby contributing to a sustainable growth of tourists to Norway.

Type of products we will have focus on:

All year: soft adventure, cultural experiences, sustainable products, high-end

Spring, summer, autumn: hiking, cycling (all types of tours), birdwatching

Winter: ski

Our clients & type of travel 

Result of the tour operator mapping 2018: 
Number of TO relevant for Norway: 164
Number of TO with potential for growth: 84

Type of travels: 
Individual leisure travel 
Group leisure travel 
Incentives & seminars

Other type of clients we will focus on: 
MICE agents
Incoming operators
Travel agencies
Member organisations

Our goals 2019-2021

Product development
We aim to expand the seasons by showing the Tour Operators new areas, for example Northern Norway in the summer and Fjord Norway in the new season and cities and cultural experiences all year around.

Our goal is to expand and strengthen our portfolio for the prioritised segments with relevant operators in the UK, both those we already work with but also new tour operators, if we see potential. When we have more products in place that support the new strategy, we will focus more on selling these.

Increase visibility towards sales agents / boost sales
We will market the Norway Expert programme through OTT (Online Travel Training) to their 95,000 travel agents, tour operators and travel professionals in the UK.