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Sweden - Our focus in the market 2019-2021

Lisen Espeland

Seniorrådgiver - B2B Sverige

+46 725 21 2683

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Identified segments in the market and how it will affect our B2B work: 

Energy/ Escape/ Broadening my cultural horizon
In these segments we see unfulfilled potential that we wish to take out. It is also important to strengthen Norway’s position as a given destination in niche leading TOs’ portfolio within these segments.
Adventures in the world of beauty  
There we see potential for new and unexplored destinations and sites that can give the Swedes a wow experience.  

Busgroup-TO segment and Incoming Operators
We will have the focus to affect and steer the growth towards more unknown and new destinations and seasons, to spread the traffic coming from Bus- and general TOs to whole of Norway – all year

Type of products we will have focus on: 

All year: soft adventure, cultural experiences, high-end products, sustainable products, others such as yoga, wellbeing, escape..
Spring & Autumn: hiking
Autumn: cycling
Spring & Winter: skiing (all kind)

Result or the tour operator mapping 2018: 

Number of TO relevant for Norway: 172
Number of TO with potential for growth; 113

Type of travels: 
Individual leisure travel 
Group leisure travel 
Group business travel
Incentives & seminars

Other type of clients we will focus on: 
MICE agents 
Incoming operators
Buss tour operators 

Our goals 2019-2021

Product development

Energy, Escape and Broadening my cultural horizon – to position Norway as a given destination to include in leading niche TOs’ portfolio.

Adventures in the world of natural beauty – to find and introduce destinations and sites that can give the Swedes a wow experience = “hidden gems” and “of the beaten track”, can also be new unexplored seasons.

Sustainable destinations – Norway, as a close market to Sweden, has the potential to meet needs with in this niche. We will work to position Norway as the No 1 choice of destinations to produce abroad sustainable travels to.

Bus group – tour operator segment - To see that growth comes to more unknown Norwegian products and a more diverse TO portfolio. As per today “general” tour operators present much of the same tours with Norwegian icons. The Swedish market is reliable mature to welcome more unknown products from Norway.

Incoming operators located in Sweden mainly work with other markets such as Central and south Europe, Americas and Asia. They sell the Nordic countries and Scandinavia where Norway often is one of the biggest destinations. We aim help the agents to update their portfolio with new and relevant products in line with our strategy.

Increase visibility towards sales agents / boost sales

We want to see growth to new destinations and seasons from the whole sales agents. Together with the whole sales agents we will define where we wish to see this growth. 

Sweden is not a prioritized market for Norway Expert and sales agents. We focus on product development and boosting sales with the tour operators. We do meet the clients of the whole sale agents and educate /inspire them to new products and