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B2B partner activities 2021 Spain

Eugenia Fierros

Market specialist, Spain

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Practical information

Norwegian workshop Spain and "Choca las Cinco" roadshow

Price: NOK 1300.- excl mva per company per event
Includes 2 persons per company
Norwegian workshop: physical participation at the networking event 10th of November: EUR 60.- excl. mva per person. Does not include travel costs/accommodation.

Access to the meeting platform, ability to conduct one to one meetings
Access to the Market Manual, which describes the buyers company profiles and contact information registered at the event
Description of company & contact information in the Product Manual, made available to all registered buyers

"Choca las Cinco" roadshow: 
Presentation of your product to the travel agencies through a webinar(done by us)

Does not include: 
Each participant has to be have access to a computer, with audio & camera, and with Internet access.

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Norwegian workshop Spain 2021

Date: 10th & 11th of November
We will invite the buyers to meet up at a physical event the day before the workshop for a networking and informative event. It is important to meet personally with the travel trade after so long time without being able to and we have an important message to give with our new strategy. The second day will be a traditional digital workshop. 

Register here:
Find the terms & conditions here.
Deadline: 15th of Octobre

After nearly two difficult years for the tourism industry is now the moment to start thinking about the future and start promoting Norway among the travel trade in Spain. The workshop in Spain this year will be a hybrid event. We will organize a presentation to tour operators and travel agencies, followed by a social event on November 10th and a digital workshop November 11th. Norwegian companies and destinations are invited to participate in both events or only in the workshop.

In the presentation we will communicate to the travel industry about our new strategy and will invite them to focus on our new values when thinking about their future products. It will be a launch for the strategy and a kick-off for a «re-start» after COVID.

The workshop will have a strong focus on sustainability at all levels.

Participants - suppliers

Activity companies, attraction, carriers,destinations, hotels, other accommodations, incoming operators – regional & national

We encourage small activity suppliers to be represented by an incoming agency or by a DMC unless they have the capacity to deal directly with the tour operators.

Participants - buyers

Tour operators, travel agencies, event/incentive agencies, independent agents, consolidators for hotels (bedbanks)

We will invite round trip tour operators already working with Norway but also other niche operators which did not work with Norway before but we know have a potential, tour opeators specialized in FIT, travel agencies specialized in Norway producing their own packages, independent travel agencies with high potential volume to Norway mainly dealing with high end customers or working with different niches. 

"Choca los Cinco" roadshow 2021

Date: 19th - 21st of October
Choca los Cinco was created as a roadshow. This year it will be an online roadshow including webinars and a workshop. The webinar will be about the whole Norway but we will present the companies participating in the event. To be decided if we additionally organize an event.

Registration:  will open in September

Choca los Cinco is an event organized historically with four other national tourist boards based in Spain. This year it will be UK, Chequia republic, Poland and Israel. The target group will be travel agencies in the main outgoing cities of Spain. 

The event will be organized digitally this year and it will include webinars and a workshop. The goal of this activity is to connect Norwegian and Spanish companies that sell packages and activities directly to the travel agencies as primary target group.

Since our target group is travel agencies the objective is both to brand Norway as sustainable destination all year around and train travel agencies and to support these companies to do networking and sales among the travel trade.

Choca los Cinco this year will focus in winter 2021-2022 and spring 2022

Participants - suppliers

Activity companies, attractions, carriers, destinations, hotels &  other type of accommodation, Incoming operator – regional & national

In principle, we do not limit the entrance into this event by type of supplier but by target group and focus. Since the final audience will be Spanish travel trade, the participants need to be able to sell directly to them (without tour operators as channel) and they need to speak Spanish or at least understand and being able to manage, since some of the travel agents do not feel comfortable with English.

Participants - buyers

Tour operators, travel agencies, event agencies, independent agents

Although the 4 above mentionned categories will be invited, the main target group will be travel agencies. Both, regular travel agencies selling directly to the consumer and travel agencies producing their own packages as well as incentive agencies.

Digital Winter days Spain 2021

Date: during the autumn 2021
This activity will be tailor made for the companies involved and can be a webinar/workshop/product presentations and/or an event. The only condition is that the theme has to be winter and always relating to our values, being number one sustainability.

Registration: ongoing, contact Eugenia Fierros

Tourism is expected to start recovering in the summer. Summer will be early to manage to have sales from the Spanish market but we think that in the Autum and Winter there will be a potential for raising awareness about Norway as the destination to travel for this Winter. It is time to start again branding Norway among the travel trade and giving training to the travel agents about Winter in Norway. 
Communication will be based on winter activities, Northern lights, culture, gastronomy, architecture (Munch opening), etc.

The activity will be tailor made for each destination/provider and it can include webinars, online meetings, mini workshops, product presentations or even a physical event if the situation allows it.

Participants - suppliers

Carriers, destinations, incoming operators regional & national

The winter webinars are an opportunity to brand winter and increase traffic to traditionally summer destinations also in winter. We invite regions, cities and incoming agencies to market their products among the Spanish travel trade. 

Participants - buyers

Tour operators, travel agencies, event agencies and independent agents

All travel trade can be invited. Webinars and product presentations can be tailor made designed for each destination.

Practical information

The format of the event will decide on the pricing. A workshop would be NOK 1300.- excl mva per company, including 2 persons per company. A webinar will be NOK 750.- excl mva per company. Contact Eugenia Fierros for more information.