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Spain: our focus in the market 2019-2021

Eugenia Fierros

Market specialist, Spain

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Identified segments in the market and how it affects our B2B work: 

Adventures in the world of beauty / Broadening my cultural horizon / Escape / Control
We will work to push new products in the tour operator's portefolio in order for them to be able to sell Norway all year.
Identify operators within niches like cycling, hiking, architecture and culture. 
Work more targeted with these operators in order for them to include the relevant products in their packages.

Type of products we will focus on: 

All year: soft adventure, cultural experiences, sustainable products, high-end, Meetings and gastronomi
Winter & spring: ski 
Spring, summer and autumn: hiking, cycling

Our clients & type of travel 

Result or the tour operator mapping 2018: 
Number of TO relevant for Norway: 63
Number of TO with potential for growth: 15

Type of travels: 
Individual leisure travel 
Group leisure travel 
Incentives & seminars

Other type of clients we will focus on: 
MICE agents for incentive travels
Independent agents
Travel agencies

Our goals 2019-2021

Product development
Active approach towards MICE agents, from 2019
Creation of product development projects within 3 segments: Culture (incl. Pilgrim Route), gastronomy and sustainability
Push to include 20 new products in the tour operator's portofolio within trekking, cultural events & travel and gastronomy
Push to include 10 new products in the Winter season towards the most important tour operators who per today do not offer any tours in Winter to Norway.

Increase visibility towards sales agents / boost sales
In Spain the tour operators do not sell directly to end-consumers and they need the travel agencies to sell their products. There are approximately 5 500 travel agencies in Spain and we will actively work with sales agents to motivate and boost sales. 
We are aiming to reach approximately 1000 travel agents over the course of 3 years: 
2019: 200  / 2020: 250 / 2021:300