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Eugenia Fierros

Market specialist, Spain

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B2B market reports

Market insight South America 2022


We invite you to download our latest research on these markets:

Visit Norway Research 2022
Research & Analysis  of the current situation of  Tour Operators &  Travel Agencies  in Brazil and LATAM

Status Updates from our markets

See here the previous presentations from our markets and when the next will be.

Our activities 2023

We offer a promotional package for Brazil and Latinamerica. This includes the following elements:

  • Roadshow in 3 cities in Brazil
  • All-year marketing activities in the Brazil and selected markets in Latinamerica
  • Possibility to showcase your product during a famtrip with selected tour operators

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Promotional package Brazil and Latinamerica

  • This activity will help us reach out to the relevant tour operators we wish to work with in the long-term.
  • This activity will help up educate the local travel trade in the direction of our strategy.
  • This activity will help generate sales and help Norwegian tourism industry fast back on track after 2 years of pandemic
  • Sustainability: 

    Travel from overseas into Norway is perceived as not sustainable because of the higher footprint from the air travel. We will always follow a sustainable policy when promoting Norway in the Latinamerican markets. We will work with tour operators selling high end and slow travel trips and long stays in Norway.

    We will communicate and promote sustainability in digital presentations, fam trip and roadshow: eco label providers and activities, sustainable destinations, local food, local culture, etc.

    We will also be conscious about sustainability in the operative part of the roadshow. We will  aim to work with providers with an eco label, local food and drinks, reduce waste, reduce to the minimum the use of plastic and paper, ec.

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