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Sales driven B2B activities

The Innovation Norway B2B team plans every year for sales driven B2B activities.

Our ambition behind each activity should be at least one of the following point:

  • The activity will help us reach out to the relevant tour operators we wish to work with in the long-term.
  • The activity will help up educate the local travel trade in the direction of our strategy.
  • The activity will help generate sales and help Norwegian tourism industry to get increase business via the B2B segment.
  • The activity will help Norwegian tourism industry to be able to develop the right products for our international guests, by keeping up with the market situations.
  • The activity will help Norwegian tourism industry to adapt their products to our strategy and get an understanding how to implement evt. changes in a B2B perspective.

These activities can be workshops with pre-booked one to one meetings, B2B fairs, roadshows, seminars, networking events etc.

Some activities are targeting buyers from one market while others are targeting buyers from several markets (international).

Planned activities

 Please view our B2B activity calendar for 2023 here,
Each autumn, during the months of October/November, the calendar gets updated regularly with activities for the next year.

Tailor-made activities

Some markets offer the possibility to join a tailor-made activity. This is an offer for suppliers who:
Do not find any of our planned B2B activities suitable for them
Are looking for contacts within a specific niche target group

Who can we offer this service to? 

  • SME's that can use this as an introduction to the market.
  • Companies looking for niche buyers in the market, buyers who are not invited in our other planned activities.
  • Bedriftsnettverk/product constellations that have a need to marked/sell a specific concept in the market. 


IN has limited capacity and needs to prioritize planned activities and day to day job. We must therefore limit the offer to 2 tailor made activities per marked per year. 


In order to provide a good service, the request must come to the IN local office in good time in advance.


If the interest in tailor made activities are high in the market, IN claims the right to prioritize the most relevant activities for the market. 


Suppliers cover the operational costs related to the activity, (ev. rent of venues, transport costs, meals etc. ) In addition, the supplier will pay a fee to IN based on estimated number of hours. Minimum fee will be for 8 hours of work and maximum 40 hours of work. 


IN local office in the market will tailor make the activity in close collaboration with the supplier and according to the supplier's wishes. IN local office will invite relevant buyers and is responsible for the planning and delivery of the activity,

Contact us for general information:

Siri Tallaksen

Prosjektkoordinator B2B Leisure

+47 952 21 491

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