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Product Development Activities

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Siri Tallaksen

Prosjektkoordinator B2B Leisure

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In addition to sales and profiling, we work actively with product development in the markets.

Product development has different levels and includes: 

  • Onboard new tour operators and make them include Norway in their portfolio
  • Increase the number of new products in the tour operators portfolio 
  • Collaboration with incoming operators in Norway. Read more here.

All our sales driven & profiling activities already encourage to product development, and we also have some activities that are dedicated to that purpose.


In cooperation with the regional destination companies in Norway, we organise regular famtrips each year. 

We have targeted famtrips for: 

  • Tour operators
  • Incoming tour operators based in Norway 

The famtrips can be marketbased or international. While the marketbased famtrips target relevant buyers from one geographical zone, international famtrips target relevant buyers from multiple geographical zones. 

If you wish to make sure your products is shown during these famtrips, read the information here.

Local activities

Much of the work is done locally in the markets. Relevant webinars, sales calls, phone calls and visiting relevant fairs are made during the year by our Innovation Norway offices in order to:

  • Find new tour operators that have the potential of including Norway in their portefolio
  • Increase the product knowledge of the existing tour operator to make them include more / new products in their portefolio

Some of our sales-driven activities focus on Product Development, and will allow for Norwegian suppliers to take an active role in this work.