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Participation in our B2B activities - Leisure

Want to know more about a certain activity?
Want to know whether there is still space available? 

Contact the IN responsible for the activity directly.

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Siri Tallaksen

Prosjektkoordinator B2B Leisure

+47 952 21 491

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Planned sales driven activities 

We have limited capacity on all our activities. To ensure the success of the event, it is important that both the suppliers and buyers who meet are relevant for each other in order to produce good and valuable results for each party.
We therefore seldom open for activities "first come first serve" principle, and we first require a "registration of interest" before we confirm participation in the activity itself.

See here our activity calendar for more information. 

Tailor-made activities

In case you do not find an activity that is relevant for your product, but would still like to meet relevant clients in our markets, we can tailor make an activity for your company. 

Who can we offer this service to? 

  • SME's that can use this as an introduction to the market.
  • Companies looking for niche buyers in the market, buyers who are not invited in our other planned activities.
  • Bedriftsnettverk/product constellations that have a need to marked/sell a specific concept in the market. 


IN has limited capacity and needs to prioritize planned activities and day to day job. We must therefore limit the offer to 2 tailor made activities per marked per year. 


In order to provide a good service, the request must come to the IN local office in good time in advance.


If the interest in tailor made activities are high in the market, IN claims the right to prioritize the most relevant activities for the market. 


Suppliers cover the operational costs related to the activity, (ev. rent of venues, transport costs, meals etc. ) In addition, the supplier will pay a fee to IN based on estimated number of hours. Minimum fee will be for 8 hours of work and maximum 40 hours of work. 


IN local office in the market will tailor make the activity in close collaboration with the supplier and according to the supplier's wishes. IN local office will invite relevant buyers and is responsible for the planning and delivery of the activity,