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What is B2B?


The goal of Innovation Norway's B2B efforts is to market Norway as a travel destination towards tour operators, incoming operators, and travel agencies.

We work actively to get them to:

Include trips to Norway in their programmes

Increase the number of products they sell through their programme (product development)

Increase the sale of trips to Norway through their channels

Incoming operators

Customers are primarily tour operators / travel agencies

Some also work directly with end customers

May work in multiple markets

Primarily sell Norway as a destination = “Norway experts”

Suppliers: Norwegian travel companies

Tour operators

Foreign companies

Customers are: travel agencies/ end customers

As a rule, they target the market in which they are located

Sell Norway and other destinations.

Suppliers: Norwegian travel industry companies and/or incoming operators

Travel agencies

Customers: end customers or companies

As a rule, they target the market in which they are located

Sell Norway and many other destinations.

Suppliers: incoming operators and tour operators

Advantages of working B2B


You gain a big sales force that's out selling your company to its customers/consumer - without needing to be present in the market and without necessarily needing to know the local culture and many different languages

You can reach different customer groups/segments according to which operator you are working with

You gain valuable market knowledge about guest/customer expectations

Valuable input/feedback on product development, which helps you have an attractive product

Gain contacts in the markets in which you work, which helps you if/when you wish to go out and present your product yourself - and gives you a fantastic network

Links you to a network of expertise together with other Norwegian suppliers

Where do you find your customers?



Innovation Norway organises all the workshops where you can have sales meetings with customers.

These can be in both local or international markets, such as NTW.

Other players also host workshops in which the Norwegian travel industry can take part,  for example Nordic Collective and ECT. 

B2B fairs

Local fairs are organised in the markets, as well as international B2B fairs, such as ITB Berlin and WTM London. Innovation Norway usually takes part in the local fairs in the markets in which we are represented. This is decided annually. If it is decided to take part, we can invite you to participate at the stand. 

Viewing trips and sales trips are also good platforms to utilise. 

Where and how you should start


As a new player, you should start by looking at IN's activities. These will ensure:

• That you reach carefully selected and serious customers
• Market insight
• That you get help to connect with relevant customers

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