Before the event:

Prepare a programme with a red line max. of 30-40 min.

Prepare a map of the places you will visit.

Keep contact details for your partners to hand.

Balance LIVE sessions and pre-recorded 'live' videos.

Welcome participants, present your partners to the audience.

Maintain an informal atmosphere.

Interact with participants in the chat/by asking questions.

As host, prepare fillers for technical problems/ breaks, such as fun facts and questions, and make the audience feel comfortable.

Prepare technical equipment for filming (ear pods, selfie sticks, etc.).

Make sure that Internet access is stable and devices are fully charged.

Film in landscape mode.

Have two people to do the filming.

Hold a rehearsal with all partners.

Test technical equipment beforehand.

Prepare a plan B in case someone is unable to attend the live session.

During the event:

Log on to the system 15 minutes before the event starts.

Register in the system with your name & company.

Welcome everyone, introduce yourself and your providers, and enjoy!

After the event:

Send a follow-up email with your contact details and information.

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