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Before the fam trip:

Study the briefing from Innovation Norway representative and prepare a program.

Discuss the preliminary program with Innovation Norway before making any bookings.

Bear in mind the objective of the fam trip, type of tour operators and types of products they sell, and what we want to achieve with the fam trip.

Focus on the needs of the buyer.

Send the preliminary program with enough time for adjustments.

Inform your providers well, so that they are ready to welcome the group and share the same themes and messages.

Remember that Fam comes from familiarisation!

During the fam trip:

Send a representative along on the trip who is a good host.

Help tour operators get in contact with local experts.

Provide information about the program, stick to the schedule, and improvise if necessary.

Maintain a friendly atmosphere.

Take care of special needs (food, transport etc.).

Share information and stories with the team during meals and on the bus.

After the fam trip:

Follow up with your suppliers, forward feedback and contact details.

Prepare fact sheets about the places & products visited.

Follow up with the buyers.

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