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Before the event:

Make sure you are well-informed about the country you will visit (culture, business culture, travel trade/sales channels, travellers).

Read through all information provided by Innovation Norway.

Prepare your product facts in English (rates, a three-sentence pitch).

Do some research into the tour operators you will meet.

Have your product manual and website ready in English.

During the event:

Check with Innovation Norway what your desk/stand will look like and what you are able to bring with you, as this might change from workshop to workshop.

Check whether it's possible to send some materials in advance.

Practice active listening, and ask questions.

Use breaks to network with people.

Remember to talk about your USPs and pitch arguments.

Follow the dress code according to the local culture. 

Be on time for your meetings, and enjoy!

After the event:

Follow up any sales leads generated during the event.

Send proposals, extra information etc.

Innovation Norway will also follow up with you, sending you all contact details, market presentations, and evaluations and comments from buyers.

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