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Why attend our B2B activities?

 Gain market insight and knowledge.

Find relevant tour operators in the markets.

Innovation Norway, with its understanding of each market, will decide which activity is suitable for the Norwegian partner. 

Innovation Norway decides what activities are best for each market and what is most efficient in terms of resources and costs.

Innovation Norway highlights providers with sustainability certificates in all activities.

We are here for you, use us for advice!

What can you expect from our B2B activities?




Sales trips

International fairs

Local fairs


Norwegian Travel Workshop

Themed Workshops

Local Workshops in the markets

At our local workshops, you will have individual meetings with relevant tour operators in the market.

You will receive a Market Manual where you can learn about all participating tour operators.

We will send out a Product Manual to all participating tour operators, where they can learn about your product/destination.

You will gain insight and knowledge about the market.

It is your responsibility to do some research about the tour operators ahead of the workshop and to follow up each meeting.

Including networking possibilities and/or social events.

After the workshop, IN sends out an evaluation to all participants.

A suitable system for appointment booking. Please note that not all workshops offer pre-booked appointments.

All logistical support you may need during the event.

What buyers expect from the workshops:

Relevant suppliers in terms of market demand. New products. Fruitful meetings with well-prepared suppliers, with concrete and to-the-point information.

A suitable location for the workshop, which is easily accessible.

A well-organized event. A good quality product manual, clear communication prior to the event, and well-organized meetings.

Expect suppliers to be ready with information, the right products for the market, and confirmed fares for the different seasons.

Follow-up on commitments made during the meetings.

Buyers also expect us to facilitate good networking opportunities in addition to the more formal meetings.


Before and after the famtrip:

Using its knowledge of the market, Innovation Norway will recruit the most relevant product managers and/or sales staff for your destination.

A draft of the itinerary must be ready well in advance, to include with the invitation to tour operators.

IN will give feedback about the program so that it fits completely with the final concept and the needs of the tour operators that have been invited.

A detailed itinerary must be sent to the IN representative no later than 1 week prior to departure.

Innovation Norway will create a Market Manual to help Norwegian partners prepare themselves ahead of the famtrip.

In order to create the Product Manual, IN will create a registration link that all suppliers present under the Famtrip need to fill out. IN will send the Product Manual to all registered buyers.

IN sends an evaluation to all buyers after the famtrip.

Norwegian partners must be willing, ready, and able to follow up with tour operators after the famtrip.

During the famtrip:

The destination is responsible for the famtrips. It's important that the destination takes on a clear host role.

A representative from the destination should be present throughout the famtrip.

An IN representative can be present throughout the famtrip as a link between suppliers and tour operators to enhance interaction.


Webinars give you an opportunity to show your destination and/or products to tour operators.

Together, we will find a suitable platform for the webinar.

All webinars should be on a specific and clear topic. 

The Norwegian partner is responsible for the content, but Innovation Norway has final say on what is relevant to the specific market.

IN will recruit relevant tour operators and/or travel agencies in the market.

The destination will create a Product Manual, which should be ready to send with the invitations.

The tour operators can then follow up after the webinar.

Sales trips:

Innovation Norway offers sales trips in each market at its discretion. Sales trips are expensive, and there should be a strong motivation behind them. 

Sales trips are relevant for Norwegian partners who already work with the market and know the types of client they wish to see. 

The aim could be to include new products in the tour operators’ portfolio or to boost sales.

Innovation Norway will plan the itinerary and accompany you on the trip.

The Norwegian partner is expected to have studied the tour operators ahead of the meeting and tailor their presentation to fit each tour operator's knowledge and needs.

International & local fairs

(Across markets / Single market)

When participating at fairs, Innovation Norway offers a joint stand for greater impact.

At international fairs there are buyers from around the world, whereas at local fairs the buyers are from one particular country.

Norwegian partners are expected to be at the stand during opening hours, every day of the fair.

It is Innovation Norway's responsibility to ensure that all participants abide by the fair and stand rules.

Only individuals (Norwegian partners) who are officially registered with IN are permitted at the stand.

Norwegian partners are responsible for booking their own meetings. It is important to start early.

IN invites relevant local contacts in the market to visit the Norway stand.

Innovation Norway welcomes clients to the stand

Norwegian partners provide logos for signs (no banners) and IN looks after the stand branding in accordance to guidelines

Fairs often come with added activities such as seminars and networking events arranged by the fair

Norwegian partners book their own hotel and travel

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