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Dos and don'ts

Business Etiquette 

Being punctual in many countries is an important part of corporate culture. In Singapore, punctuality is taken to an even higher level and being on time to meetings or notifying others of any expected delay is key.

Business meetings should be to the point and include direct discussion when handling any issues or financial priorities.

Appointments Etiquette

When beginning a business meeting or social occasion, one should always shake hands with each individual present, both when arriving and when leaving, and do so in a firm manner. Additionally, many people in Singapore will bow slightly when shaking hands, making it appropriate to give a small bow in return.

As a general rule, avoid touching a person’s head, or their child’s head, as the head is considered sacred. 

Important to note

Discussing religion or politics is considered offensive, as is raising your voice or losing your temper.

Singapore is an international city with great ethnic, religious and cultural diversity. If someone does things a little differently than Singaporeans are used to, no one will give it much attention – within reason, of course.

Important to note

If using a laptop or tablet, do not connect to an unauthorised Wi-Fi network. This is considered a crime.

Don’t tip – this is not a cultural practice, and only a few restaurants even include a service charge.

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