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Dos and don'ts

Business Etiquette 

It is customary to introduce yourself to the eldest member or to those with the highest position within the group. When addressing senior management in Indonesian companies, you should call them “Pak‟ if they are male and “Ibu‟ if they are female.

Companies might not respond to emails promptly, particularly if the sender is not well known to them.

Business dealings tend to be slow. Patience is important to succeed in business in Indonesia.

Appointment Etiquette

Meetings may not necessarily start on time and guests may arrive late due to traffic (jam karet - 'rubber time').

At the end of a meeting, saying thank you in Bahasa Indonesia will certainly help the relationship (Terima Kasih means 'Thank you').

Business Card Etiquette

Business cards are exchanged immediately after introductions and should be presented with both hands.

Important to note

Documents can be in English, and prices should be quoted in US dollars.

Be prepared to be asked personal questions.

Dress Code 

A shirt and tie are acceptable for most business meetings. A Batik shirt is also an acceptable alternative. Muslim customs, especially those concerning female dress, should be observed. For women, a dress or blazer with a skirt or pants are acceptableBatik dresses for women can be also worn at meetings.

Shaking hands

Shake hands when meeting people. Note that women will extend their hand if they wish to shake hands.

Body language

Don't stand with your hands on your hips or with your arms folded, as this is regarded as aggressive and rude.

Don't use your left hand, as it is considered unclean (neither to pass nor receive anything, including business cards and gifts).

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