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Italy: our focus in the market 2019-2021

Marco Bertolini

Specialist Italia

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Identified segments in the market and how it affects our B2B work: 

Adventures in the world of beauty / Broadening my cultural horizon / Escape / Energy
Going on with the work of promoting and selling Norway for its natural beauties (still the main reason to go) but we will find other ways to decline them (cultural, unique, active and adventurous but at the same time relaxing, local food). We will have focus more and more on activities and stimulate niche TOs to include Norway in their portfolio.

Type of products we will have focus on: 

All year: soft adventure, cultural experiences, sustainable products
Spring, Summer, Autumn: hiking (light/easy walks), cycling (cycle tours over several days)
Summer, Autumn, Winter: photo tours

Our clients & type of travel 

Result or the tour operator mapping 2018: 
Number of TO relevant for Norway: 535
Number of TO with potential for growth: 344

Type of travels: 
Individual leisure travel 
Group leisure travel 

Other type of clients we will focus on:
Incoming operators
Travel agencies

Our goals 2019-2021

Product development
Support Italian tour operator already programming Norway to increase the number of low-season products in their portfolio as well as to include new regions of Norway in their programs.
Increase the number of tour operators programming our destination.
Make the tour operator more and more sensitive and involved in the creation of sustainable packages.
Select new tour operators in the niche/theme market and make Norway more and more popular for this target group.   

Increase visibility towards sales agents / boost sales
We wish to reach a certain number of sales agents during these years: 
2019: 200  / 2020: 250 / 2021:250